Prepared foods are the best pet food

When deciding to have a pet, many are guided, in addition to their desires, by a preliminary calculation of the cost of keeping it. Usually, food expenses are taken into account. Try, for example, comparing how many times a cat eats less than a dog. Then there is nothing to say about the birds. In fact, everything is much more serious. If you took an animal into the house, then if you please provide it with adequate nutrition.

Cats are very loved by both adults and children.

It is not easy to refrain from feeding something tasty to a meowing pet.

But veterinarians give some tips for feeding cats:

  • an adult cat needs to be fed only once - in the late afternoon;
  • The portion of feed should be calculated as follows: for 1 kg of live weight 40-60 g
  • The food of a cat or cat must be varied.

This should be monitored from the very beginning, because cats quickly get used to one type of food, such as fish. The diet should include beef heart, rice, cottage cheese, oatmeal, dry yeast, vegetable oil. Fruits and vegetables are very important. But cats that love to eat apples or carrots are very rare. Companies that make special food (dry and canned food) come to the rescue. The advantage of such feeds is that the animal will receive 100% balanced food, and the owner does not need to force the pet to gnaw fruits and roots. It is better to choose food for cats in pet stores, where products of various companies are usually presented, such as Josera, you can also buy cat food in an online pet store. It's no secret that kittens' nutrition is different from that of adult cats. But during pregnancy, a cat's need for proteins, vitamins and trace elements significantly increases. In addition to special food, vitamins can also be found in pet stores. Did the cat shed heavily? This means that an imbalance has formed in the body. You can eliminate it by adding special tablets to the feed every day.

Feeding parrots and canaries is even more complicated.

Mixing your own crops is not recommended. Weighing on a pharmaceutical scale (you still need to buy them) oats, sunflower seeds, rape will get bored pretty soon. In June you can bring fresh dandelions to your home “nightingale”, in July-August you can feed them with fruit, but the best food will still be a special bird food prepared by professionals.

The biggest mistake in feeding pets is eating from your table. Therefore, if you do not have time to compose a diet, buy ready-made feed.