How to go to study in Poland after grade 11?

To go or not to go to study abroad? If this issue has already been resolved for you, and you have decided that you want to get a quality education and a European diploma, then we would like to tell you in more detail how to get an education in Poland. Many Ukrainian applicants choose to study in Poland after grade 11, referring to Project Education without Borders. Why is this project good and how does it help applicants? First of all, this is help with the choice of a specialty and a university, with the submission of documents to the chosen university. The applicant, like his parents, can find out information on any issue related to admission, learning the Polish language, obtaining a student visa. You can search for this information on the Internet for a very long time, plus there is a lot of unreliable or outdated data, so it is better to contact the specialists of this project, who are always ready to help young people.

There are a number of questions that interest every applicant:

  • selection of a prestigious university;
  • submission of documents;
  • obtaining a visa;
  • choice of accommodation for the period of study.

We would like to dwell on these nuances of admission in more detail.

How to choose a good university and apply?

To make it easier for yourself the task of choosing a university, you should carefully look at the rating of Polish VNZ "Perspektywy". He gives an objective assessment to every higher educational institution in Poland for foreigners, and for the Poles themselves, this information is also very useful. The higher the rating of a university, the better the learning conditions there, the better science, international exchange develops, the more innovative and modern it is.

To enter the university, you need to submit a package of documents. Among them is a certificate of knowledge of the Polish language, which it is advisable to take care of in advance. The rest of the documents for studying in Poland are standard: this is your certificate of secondary education, and a medical certificate, and photocopies of basic documents. Results of UPE do not need to be submitted. And the list of documents itself is better to be clarified at the university you are going to enter.

The duration of training in most specialties is 5 years (bachelor's + master's). If you would like to apply for a free master's program in Poland, then you need to have a Pole card or win a grant. In other cases, tuition is paid - from 800 euros per year, and on average - 2 thousand euros, depending on the university.

How to get a student visa?

Starting from 2019, the procedure for obtaining a student visa has changed. For studying in Poland and obtaining a visa, it is now necessary to pay for study in advance, submit a certificate from the hostel or a rental agreement if the student will rent an apartment. There is one more nuance. You need to provide proof of financial solvency. This means that you need to submit a document confirming that there is enough money in the student's personal account to cover a year of residence in Poland. Also, now you need to expect to receive a student visa within 60 days, so apply for a visa as early as possible.

Where can students stay?

Many Polish universities have hostels. For example, the University of Wroclaw in Poland has 5 dormitories, where about 2 thousand students can live. The price is about 100 euros per month. You can also rent an apartment, but it will cost 3-4 times more.