How to make money on the Forex exchange?

Where can we get money in forex? First of all, all the profit depends on how efficiently we have executed the deal, in general, this is called trading efficiency. For high efficiency of transactions, it is first of all necessary to undergo training, for example, on the SDG Trade website they teach various strategies for making money, they also analyze examples of situations, which, in addition to knowledge, will also add experience. But, there is one more argument in this case, namely money.

Think, half of 500 green is 250, and from 1000 it is 500, here the difference can be felt with an unarmed eye. It is then that we will consider these two arguments that are in forex and answer the question about the possibility of making money on forex.

Realities of interest in Forex

If we proceed purely from theory, then there is no limit, that is, you can earn at least two or three thousand percent every year. In order not to be psychics, let us turn to the earnings of the pros in this matter. At the moment, hedge funds are the leader in this industry, claiming 20% ​​of annual profit, and the best 40%, of course, these figures are needed to invest in these funds. But, if we take the average figures among all forex traders, then this figure will be from 20% to 70%, this is also confirmed by the pros of this business. And if we take into account the factors that the average trader has less capital, then he may well use these funds, but the essence does not change dramatically, because his earnings will still be in the range of 20% -100% annually. Probably you can be disappointed after realizing this, because many counted on 1000% profit, but still the answer to the question "is it possible to make money on Forex" is positive if you have knowledge, because you understand 100% per year is a very good result.

This is followed by the second argument, namely money. It is not difficult to understand that they play an equally important role in this whole matter. Basically, traders have about 300 greens on their account. If you turn on your brain and turn on the math, then you can see a profit of only a few hundred dollars.

After reading these lines, many will be upset, but understand trading takes time, perseverance, work without emotions, and if you wanted to get another million on ambitions, then I'm afraid to upset you ... If you still want to do the same 100% a year, then earning 100 green, you need to have approximately $ 1200 in your account. But, again, everything is not so simple, to do 100% stably is just incredible, it happens in different ways ...

So, to make money on Forex, you need to have capital, knowledge and a bit of luck, and then the answer to the question "is it possible to make money on Forex" will be positive. Good luck!