Black and red caviar. How to choose quality caviar?

Rosskachestvo announced a large-scale inspection company sold on the caviar market. Thanks to a record fishing season in 2019, the production of this delicacy has grown significantly. However, along with the official producers, illegal immigrants have become more active. Let's figure out how to choose quality caviar?

You will hardly surprise anyone with red caviar from Amursk, but caviar of various types of fish is still popular and loved by many Russians both as a delicacy for the festive table, and as a nutritious and healthy dish, which even doctors advise to use if there is no allergy. Before, you need to understand its useful substances and elements.

More than 20 types of protein, fats in the form of lecithin and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals - all this rejuvenates the body, improves immunity, and reduces the risk of many diseases. In addition, caviar is an excellent tool for maintaining the beauty of skin, hair and nails. The only important thing is to find the right product, which is not so easy.

The caviar additives produced in accordance with GOST are strictly limited: salt, sorbic acid and sodium benzoate, which extend the shelf life up to 1 year. If unusual tastes are felt in the caviar, most likely, the product is made according to TU (technical specifications), which reduces its quality. In addition, experts strongly recommend that you carefully read what is written, especially in small print, on the jar.

The label must contain the manufacturer and the address of the company. It is believed that the closer to the place of fishing caviar is made, and this is Sakhalin, Kamchatka, the better quality it is. But besides the location, the month and the spawning season are important - from July to October. These rules are valid for both red and black caviar.

However, when buying black caviar, you need to be doubly careful. In appearance, it is almost impossible to distinguish between good and bad. That is why, starting this year, for the peace of mind of buyers, caviar of sturgeon fish breeds began to be marked with a special sign.

Today, a mobile application for smartphones is being prepared, with the help of which it will be possible to find out the origin of caviar and its path to the outlet. It is enough to point the camera at a special sign on the bank, and the program will display all the necessary information.

While the application is in development, the main advice of the experts - in the store or in the market, buying any caviar, do not hesitate and ask for documents for the product. The second important point is that quality caviar is crumbly, not liquid, with a pleasant smell and without extraneous inclusions.