How to create a website yourself?

It's easier than ever to get online. There are over two hundred million active websites, many of which have been created by people without web development skills.

Anyone can make a website, regardless of their level of technical skill. It may seem like a daunting task, but there are tools to make the process easier. This article will help you create your website.

Let's consider a way to create a website using a website builder.

Website builders are perfect for you if you:

Have no coding skills;

Want to focus on content and promotion;

Appreciate the convenience of all-in-one;

Want to start selling your products online.

You can create a website in just an hour by following seven simple steps.

1. Choose your website builder

There are a lot of constructors on the network, and you can definitely find the one that is convenient for you. But hosting is necessary for any site. The service will help you save money, because when you pay for hosting with them, you get a website builder absolutely free.

2. Select plan

Once you have decided on the choice of a website builder, you need to choose a plan. Website builders usually offer multiple plans to ensure you don't pay for features you don't need.

3. Decide on the domain name

Domain name (URL) is the address in the search bar of your browser that identifies a web page, and one of the main ways of presenting a site on the Internet, so it is worth paying attention to it. Here are some rules of thumb when choosing a domain name:

  1. Compliance with the content of the site.
  2. Concise and easy to remember.
  3. Missing digits in the domain. It looks unprofessional and adds extra elements to remember.
  4. Originality.

4. Select template

Templates allow you to design a website without hiring a designer. They determine the color scheme, appearance of the header and menu bar of the home page, so it's important to choose the right ones.

5. Customize your template

Given how many people use website builders to create a website, chances are there are sites with the same structure as yours. To make your site unique, you need to make some adjustments.

6. Pre-check your site

Before launching the site, you need to make sure that everything works the way you want it to. Make sure you have no spelling mistakes, all buttons work, the site runs on computers and smartphones, and is optimized for search engines.

7. Publish site

Your site is now viewable. Of course, you can still tweak and tweak it, but you've already taken a step further. Remember to review the changes on your site before you publish them.

Anyone can make a website and it doesn't cost you anything to try. You can create something amazing easily and simply.