Choosing a scooter

An adult on a scooter looks, to put it mildly, extravagant. What's the matter. Stereotypes get in the way. Children, even up to 12 years old, are normal. Adults already have a bicycle, or even better, a car. But after all, today it is extravagant, tomorrow it is customary, the day after tomorrow - but what about without. In general, everything should be approached from the standpoint of whether it is convenient for you. How does it affect the body, whether it is functional in use.

From history, a scooter was born in Germany, an Englishman patented it as a finished product. In its original form, it was a 30 kg product with 30 cm wheels and a seat. Here is a structure.

How to find the right scooter for you. Perhaps you just need an electric scooter in Almaty. Let's see, they are all very similar to each other. First, let's decide for which trips you need it. Manufacturers adapt them to the distance at which they will be operated. And here the type of drive plays an important role:


* Mechanics. This is a classic. Movement occurs due to the energy of the legs. Designed for short distances.

* Electrician. The battery and miniature electric motor are the main driving force behind this model. But, nobody canceled the energy of the legs. This model is already for medium distances.

* ICE, or internal combustion engine - "torpedoes" as they are also called. They travel all distances, including long ones.


Folding. They have a folding mechanism specifically for carrying.

Monolith. This is the most durable option, but more cumbersome.

Situationally, folding has advantages. Physically tired. Rain is coming. You can take public transport and drive to the place. But on a dirt road or cobblestone pavement, where rigidity and reliability are required, monoliths are out of competition.

Now about materials

We start by inspecting the frame, or rather, we find out what material they are made of. The main material used is steel. But, frames are also made from other alloys - titanium, fiberglass and aluminum. The strength of these alloys is high, but the weight of the aluminum frame is lighter than the rest.

Wheel material. When choosing, three factors must be taken into account: durability, comfort and speed.

* Synthetic rubber. It's speed and durability. Here are just every unevenness, you can feel it while driving.

* Rubber. Already softer. Speed ​​is supported. This is a medium-sized material.

* Pumped up. They are the softest in shaking. The speed is maintained lower, which means that more energy is consumed to overcome the path.

Wheel material marking

* 86A ~ 100A. The toughest material. They are preferred for fast driving. This material is shock and wear resistant.

* 82A ~ 86A. This is a popular option, which has medium hardness, good for the city.

* 74A `82A. Like all soft tires, they do not slip, do not slide sideways, dampen road irregularities. But they wear out quickly when overloaded. Suitable for lovers of a calm, comfortable ride

Profile and size

The size of the wheels, this parameter also needs to be determined. By the size of the wheels, scooters are divided into four classes.

* Huge - they have a radius of 60 - 115 mm.

* Large - here the radius is 45 - 55 mm.

* Medium - their radius is 35 - 42 mm.

* Miniature - with a radius of 20 - 31 mm.

What are the pros and cons they have. The large diameter of the wheel is the speed, it overcomes an obstacle better, with less effort. But it is inferior in maneuverability.

Profile. This parameter determines the reliability of the wheel adhesion to the road. There are three profile options here.

* Round profile. Has a stable grip, allows you to develop speed, is stable in turns. Designed for walking.

* Beveled profile. Lowest road resistance due to small contact area. Maximum speed, minimum physical costs. Good on hard surfaces. The dirt road is not for him.

* Flat profile. Maximum stability and flotation. Suitable for quiet driving on various surfaces.


The platform coverage, to some extent, your safety depends on it. Acceleration, braking - from these factors slippage of the foot on the platform is possible. Therefore, the platform is covered with a non-slip material. The best is considered - rubber with a notch.

Platforms are made not only from metal, but also from fiberglass. When moving, it bends, which gives a shock-absorbing effect. Riding comfort is increased, but the speed becomes lower.

Additional shock absorbers. If you are a fan of aggressive riding, then you need a rigid scooter structure, shock absorbers will be a hindrance. But for a comfortable ride, a combination of additional shock absorbers with a soft wheel is suitable.