Earnings online for moms in maternity leave from $ 300: Top 10 ways

Today I want to raise such an important topic as earning money online for mothers in labor. After all, many young mothers want to find a part-time job. Others are just looking for activities that will avoid boredom. This article lists different areas. As requires special skills, and no. Read the material carefully. I am sure that among the presented options there will be not even one that will interest you. When writing the article, I was not guided by personal experience. I conducted global work - full-fledged analytical research of the target group. That is, young mothers in childbirth. The collected information allowed to write this article - it can be rightfully considered expert!

Online earnings for mothers in labor: why do you need to work at all

Some do not really understand why young mothers who are on maternity leave are looking for part-time jobs. Apparently, it is with the answer to this question that we will begin our article. There are at least three reasons why beautiful ladies who raise a baby do the work.

1. Lack of money. One of the most common reasons is lack of finances. Often earning just one dad is not enough. After all, the needs of the family are growing. The baby needs a lot of things, special food. Quality things are expensive. Therefore, young mothers are looking for an option to earn extra money.

2. The desire to be distracted. Other women, without financial difficulties, choose the option of remote work for ... entertainment. They do not want to focus only on household chores. They want to develop. Or at least not lose your skills. Or develop new talents.

3. The desire to learn new skills. And another option - the desire to gain new skills to change jobs in the future to a more interesting, high-paying.

Pay attention! Unfortunately, there is another reason - sad. If a woman raises a child herself. In this case, she just needs extra income, because only child care assistance is not enough.

In general, every young woman has her own story. There are also those who work for a small amount, so as not to feel completely dependent on her husband. And pay for the "pins" yourself - a trip to the hairdresser, beautician, purchase of cosmetics, etc ..

It is important to understand - there is nothing wrong or bad in working in the decree! This is perfectly normal!

Earning online for moms: popular and profitable options for remote work

So, let's move on to the main thing. Descriptions of the best options for remote work via the Internet. Some require special skills, others do not! So you will surely find the thing that will attract you!

1. Remote specialists

Or outsourcing. An increasingly popular destination. Its essence is that the company, the company transfers part of its responsibilities to a remote employee. Or hires such an employee to perform certain tasks.

How does it happen? Here is a simple example. The young mother worked as an accountant. Now she can continue her work, but without leaving home. There are many entrepreneurs who do not understand accounting. Or do not want to spend your time on it. There is no need to keep a full-fledged accountant. After all, employment is not so great. Just a few hours a month. Therefore, it is more profitable to find a remote specialist who will balance. And perform other tasks.

Pay attention! You can run several entrepreneurs at once. So the level of earnings will be high.

Other similar services, not only accounting, belong to the same category of work. For example, legal.

The work is mainly conducted via the Internet - documents are sent by e-mail, communication is via Skype and other means of communication. In addition, today more and more public services are provided in electronic form, and therefore there is no need to visit the relevant institutions to submit reports.

2. Tutor

Do you know foreign languages? Perfectly! You can become a tutor by giving lessons via Skype. Or any other means of communication. Naturally, it is important that at the time of classes someone was constantly with the child. So that you are not distracted.

Pay attention! It is not necessary to have a pedagogical education to give foreign language lessons. It's enough to know the language well.

Tutoring can be different. For example, these are lessons for students:

  • in mathematics;
  • in physics;
  • from other subjects.

It is important that you have a really good knowledge of a subject. Also in demand are lessons in playing musical instruments, etc.

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3. Writing tests and dissertations

Another popular area is writing term papers, dissertations. If you studied well at the institute, you can offer your services in this direction. There are many students who are willing to pay for their work.

It is recommended to look for clients on profile forums, platforms. Also often similar tasks are presented on exchanges for freelancers.

All activities are conducted via the Internet - you receive a topic, write a paper and send it. A certain amount is dripping into your bank account.

4. Preparation of sweets, cakes, pastries

Popular earnings on the Internet for moms, although the network is only searching for customers. Can you cook well? Are your cakes and pastries not only delicious, but also original? Create a group on social networks, design it, add pictures of your cakes and look for customers.

The client will take the prepared cake from you. So you don't have to spend a lot of time on delivery.

Pay attention! This also includes the preparation of various pastries. For example, pies, cheesecakes, etc..

Maybe if you have been fond of baking and confectionery before, you already have the necessary equipment. If not, you will have to buy it. But it is not so expensive. Especially since the inventory will benefit you for many years!

5. Manufacture of handmade goods

Another area related to the Internet is only partial. Because the main work you will do in reality, and through the network to sell finished goods.

Handmade products are invariably popular due to their unique originality. Direction-countless:

  • decorative candles;
  • handmade soap;
  • embroidery;
  • making dolls;
  • design of boxes;
  • creation of original albums;
  • knitting;
  • creation of money trees;
  • making bouquets of candies and much, much more.
  • This direction is good because it opens up endless opportunities for creative natures and allows you to completely reboot, distract from the daily monotonous worries.

    Even if you do not know anything, there is no reason to despair and be upset. The network offers a huge amount of training materials. Including video lessons. The vast majority of them are free. So the main thing is the desire to master one or another direction.

    For the sale of finished products I can advise three proven and reliable channels:

    • relatives and friends, neighbors, friends;
    • groups on social networks;
    • fairs of masters.

    Tip! There are specialized sites for masters. By registering for them, you will be able to realize your creativity. It is on this site that I bought a magic gift box for a dear person.

    Such immersion in creativity allows you to dump the burden of daily worries and distract from the hustle and bustle.

    6. Copywriting

    Earning on the Internet for mothers in childbirth - one of the most popular areas. Its essence is to write articles to order for different sites. If you managed to write good or at least good works at school, you will be able to master the profession of copywriter.

    Tasks for copywriters are published on specialized exchanges for freelancers. There are quite a lot of them:

    • Weblancer;
    • Advego;
    • and others.

    By registering for them, you get access to tasks. You need to leave your feedback under the task. If you are interested in the customer, he will give you the task - write an article, check it for errors and uniqueness.

    Pay attention! Uniqueness check allows you to make sure that you have written the article yourself, and not copied parts of the text from different sources. There are a number of services to check. Usually, the customer indicates which service you want to check.

    The article must be unique. Because the publication of non-unique content has a negative impact on the position of the site in search results.

    The first few weeks you will have a hard time getting orders. Employers prefer to give them to those who have experience, who have long been listed on the stock exchange. Also, for some time you will not have to work for too high fees, but if you make an effort, work, get positive feedback from customers, very soon you will be able to set higher wage requirements.

    Pay attention! The fee is usually specified for 1000 characters without spaces. Prices start at $ 1 and can be as high as $ 10 per thousand characters.

    It is important to believe in yourself. Reject fear and doubt. And then you will definitely succeed. Perhaps you have the hidden potential of a good author and even a great writer.

    It will work or not - it will not be possible to predict. You just have to try. Do not give up the idea after the first or second article or the first failure, the first returned article for revision. Try a few tasks, write a few articles, and only then decide whether copywriting is right for you or not.

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    7. Writing reviews

    Each of us enjoys a lot of things, constantly buying some goods. Young mothers have even more of this experience. After all, in addition to goods for themselves, they buy various items for their baby, including:

    • care items;
    • hygiene items;
    • cosmetics;
    • drugs and more.
    • So why not share the experience of using such tools, items? There are specialized sites that pay a fee for a written review of the product. Here you can write not only about items, but even write reviews about shopping malls, children's stores, etc.

      Payment is charged for the number of readings of the review. The more users open it, the more you earn. Of course, you do not have to count on millions in fees, but cosmetics and personal needs will suffice. So if you do not know where to start - try this option.

      8. Own blog / site

      Apparently, the best earnings on the Internet for mothers in childbirth, although it will bring real profits is not as fast as we would like. But in a few months the income level will be so high that you will not want to return to work after the decree. Provided that you approach the site correctly.

      Don't think that creating a blog or website is an expensive endeavor. Not at all! It is not necessary to pay a lot of money to programmers and professionals. It is quite possible to make a site with your own hands. There is nothing complicated about it. After all, this is a simple blog.

      9. Sale of photographs and illustrations

      Photos, pictures, illustrations - this is another source of income. They are able to make money online for moms. But, of course, only if the young mother:

      • can take photos;
      • can draw;
      • owns graphic editors.

      The demand for unique, original photos and pictures is growing. Moreover, there is an active struggle for copyright. Therefore, the owners of projects, sites, advertising agencies prefer to legally buy images than just "steal" them.

      There are many photo banks that sell photos and pictures:

      • iStock;
      • depositphotos;
      • Shutterstock;
      • Dreamstime;
      • and others.

      For each sale - get rewards. Its size depends on the type of license under which the buyer buys a picture, from 25 cents to several hundred dollars. Each photo can be sold an unlimited number of times!

      10. Joint purchases

      Another popular way to earn money online for mothers in labor is to organize joint purchases. More and more girls and women are engaged in this type of activity today. After all, it has at least two advantages:

      • allows you to earn;
      • gives the opportunity to buy goods abroad at reasonable prices.

      You will need organizational skills. To do this, you have to organize a group either in the messenger or on social networks. Post links to interesting products or promotional offers there, gather a company to purchase goods and make a wholesale delivery.

      As a result, you get quality European or American things at an affordable price. And also save on delivery. And earnings will be brought by purchases of other people issued through you. Usually, for such services take 10-15% of the purchase amount.

      However, this type of activity requires excellent organizational skills, attention. The volume of work is quite large. Therefore, in the first months of a child's life, a young mother is unlikely to be able to devote enough time to such a "business". Moreover, it takes time to receive a parcel from abroad, sort the goods and send to all your "customers".

      How to avoid scammers

      Unfortunately, there are still scammers on the Internet. Especially often they "attack" newcomers who are too trusting and do not know how to recognize fraudsters. I have prepared a few rules that will make earning money online for moms safe.

      1. Never pay anything to anyone. If you are a potential customer, the employer requires you to pay even a small amount to get the job, in any case do not agree. This is 100% deception. You will either not receive the task or you will receive it, but after completing it no one will contact you again.

      2. Never send your documents, copies, scans, etc.

      3. Do not contact the "dealers", the essence of which is directly related to your bank accounts, bank card numbers.

      4. Be critical of all projects that promise instant enrichment, huge payouts and huge returns on investment. If everything was so simple, why should people work at all?

      5. Be careful with network marketing suggestions. At first you will be convinced that no investment is required. However, then you need to make a certain amount to get a "salary".

      6. Are you offered a method of growing plants in a unique way of highly effective hydroponics? Refuse such offers! This is another way of cheating.

      Online earnings for mothers in childbirth: summing up

      Among the 10 ways to effectively earn money for mothers in the decree is probably at least one that suits you. I recommend creating your own blog and running it. In a few months, it will begin to generate a steady income that will only grow in the future.