1. Did you pay at that time when your left palm itches badly? It is generally accepted that if a hand is combed, then money should immediately fall from all sides.

In fact, it can take a few days after your palm starts to itch. And for everyone, this period is individual. Someone will receive an increase in finance the very next day, and some will have to wait a little longer. Observe yourself and the next time your left hand reminds of itself, trace how much time has passed before you receive the sum of money.

2. Wallet. One of the most important sources of saving money. Red attracts money. Keep bills neat and tidy.

3. Charity will increase income. It is enough to give one tenth of your profits to the needy to maintain the flow of abundance. Moreover, it is not necessary to take this amount to the church, you can donate it to orphanages or for another good cause. The main thing is that you do it from the heart, and not for show.

4. Old things. Over time, they acquire the ability to draw out all positive energy. By getting rid of the trash and using the knowledge of Feng Shui, you can activate the energy of wealth and then there will always be abundance in your home.

5. Figurines - these can be money toads or small gods, which should take pride of place where you live. Allocate a special shelf for them and hold in your hands as often as possible in order to fill them with your desire and energy.

4. Houseplants. When you see a blossoming bud on your flower, you can safely count on quick financial assistance. Let abundance flourish and delight you day after day.

5. Any coins, jewelry or horseshoe found on the street are also considered the messengers of the fastest financial profit. Therefore, you should not ignore such clues from the Universe and pass by. Pick up the coin, even if it is not too much denomination, and thank for the sign.

6. In the summer season, many advise to keep the windows open as long as possible, since one of the monetary signs is butterflies. It is believed that if one of these beauties flies into your house, then this promises wealth and prosperity. Therefore, you do not need to immediately expel such a guest, allow abundance to firmly enter your life.

7. When you are "marked" by a bird. Of course, this is not the most pleasant way to find out about the close profit, but the result will exceed all your expectations. Therefore, when a similar situation happens to you on the street, you should not be upset and angry at the whole world.

8. Those who have debts are popularly advised to pay them back before dinner.

9. Coins under the front door mat. It is believed that in this way, all the money is lured into your house. Well, so that they do not leave, create a favorable atmosphere for them.

Of course, one must hope not only for signs, but actively act!