6 things to do before 8 am

Try to get up an hour earlier and you will soon see how your life will change.

Sleep well

Let's say you exercise and eat right. But don't expect success if your sleep lasts 5-6 hours. It is during sleep hours that the work of the nervous, cardiovascular and other systems of the body is debugged. The more you reduce its time, the less your body will be able to "fix".

Do some exercise

Qigong, yoga, jogging, or just a hoop are the easiest ways to quickly invigorate and prepare for a productive day at work.

Take a cool shower

Cool water awakens the nervous and lymphatic systems. In addition, this simple and regular practice increases the body's defenses.

Listen to audiobook

Try listening to audiobooks while you are getting ready in the morning - this will significantly save you time for reading, in addition, you will constantly receive new interesting information, while not particularly straining.

Tasty and healthy breakfast

Prepare food for yourself with love - using only the most wholesome and nutritious foods - as you would cook it for someone you hold dear to you.

Plan a day

Just 2 minutes in the morning will help you make your day more productive - prioritize and avoid wasting time.