How pasta can help you lose weight

Pasta, despite the fact that it is a flour dish, not only does not lead to weight gain, but can and should be used as the basis of long-term diets for those who want to lose weight and maintain a stable correct weight.

Italian scientists have conducted special studies on the effect of pasta on metabolic processes in the body and changes in body mass index. The project was implemented under the leadership of Neuromed (Pozzilli Neurological Institute, Italy). Eating habits of the representatives of the tested groups - adult representatives of the cohort populations INHES (8, 964 people) and Moli-sani (14, 402 people) were examined using the EPIC questionnaire. Questions related to daily food consumption, food habits of a representative group.

At the same time, measurements were taken of the daily energy expenditure of these people, height, waist and hip circumference, and body weight. The analysis of the data obtained showed that the optimal, as close as possible to the reference, indicators are those of the representatives of both groups who consume pasta every day. Their standardized BMI (body mass index) was 0, P

All this provided the basis for building informed conclusions about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and pasta, as its basis, for health and maintenance of normal body weight. Such a result was recorded by Neuromed - the head of the laboratory of the molecular and food laboratory Lychei Yakovello.

According to extensive research sponsored by WHO, not all pasta is beneficial to weight loss. The basic rule of such a diet is that they should be made from durum wheat. Such foods have a low calorie content (about 95 kcal per 100 grams of mass), being a source of slow carbohydrates containing a large amount of dietary fiber, are slowly digested, gradually saturating a person with energy and suppressing hunger, effectively cleanse the intestines thanks to fiber. In addition, durum wheat contains vegetable protein that helps break down fat.

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It is also necessary to cook pasta "for weight loss" correctly. As part of the Mediterranean diet, they should remain a little hard on the inside - this method of cooking is called "al dente". It retains the maximum useful properties of pasta. Including their dietary properties, the ability to maintain a low glycemic index. In properly cooked pasta, it is comparable to the GI of tangerines.