Psychologist's advice: how to get your body in shape

Often we cannot achieve results because we do not take into account our emotions and real needs. For example, many people quit the gym after just a month; constantly deny themselves food, but still get fat. Here are the recommendations that psychologists give people to get in shape more easily.

Decide why you need it

Many people quickly fall out of the race simply because they do not see their ultimate goal. Why do you need a beautiful body? Maybe you want to feel better than now? Are you in love or only the slim are hired for the job of your dreams? Try to honestly answer this question to yourself, and then you can move forward faster.

Choose the type of physical activity that suits your temperament

This way you will really love your workouts and will not miss them. For example, for shy people, playing volleyball as a team can be torture, and for those who like to be the center of attention, it can be a pleasure.

Abandon strict restrictions

The more you deny yourself your favorite foods, the more likely you are to eat them. But there is a big difference between, for example, eating burgers every day and once every two weeks.

Only eat when you are physiologically hungry

Every time a thought comes to mind about food, ask yourself the question, "Am I really hungry?" In most cases, we eat for company when we are not hungry; when we are in a stressful situation and try to "drown out" some problem. This simple question quickly brings us back to our real feelings. Learn to distinguish physiological hunger from emotional hunger, and it will soon become easier to eat right.

Eat only delicious food

Don't choke on celery if it makes you sick. The food should be such that you want to eat it. Study new recipes, serve dishes beautifully, it is not for nothing that there is a hashtag “proper nutrition is delicious!”.