10 stop words and phrases that you shouldn't write on your resume

1. Leadership

A very controversial quality, since it can be freely interpreted as "I achieve a lot at the expense of other people." Moreover, the concept of leadership qualities is being abused today, and the phrase still loses its significance. It is better to indicate directly your achievements, which will show a leader in you.

2. Motivated

When looking for a job, motivation is not something to brag about, it is a basic and self-evident requirement in any workplace. You should never expose what you should be doing, or who you should be, as something unusual and extraordinary. It's like a chemist bragging about knowledge of the periodic table.

3. Creative

Over the past 3 years, according to LinkedIn, the word "creative" has been the most popular word when describing oneself as a person. Given this data, you will be creative without using this word. For example, the resume of Richard Branson (a millionaire, the creator of many successful projects) does not have this word.

4. Passionate

It's just not the right word in context for a resume. If you are passionate about the work, it is better to choose the words “involved”, “focused” or “interested”.

5. Strategic decisions

Very few people actually specialize in strategic decisions. In general, every professional in his field should think strategically. Strategic decision - based on a broad vision of the situation, do real specialists think narrowly?

6. Successful

Since success is a different concept for everyone, this word must be used very carefully. For example: Successful Architect and Architect who designed the Hilton Hotel. Do you feel the difference? Brag about your accomplishments a little, instead of a covert wording.

7. Active or purposeful

Very common phrases in a resume, but in fact we have a lot of passive workers who are waiting for instructions and do not know how to act independently. Before writing about your activity, think about whether you are really ready to be active all the time at work? The focus on the result and the desire to bring everything to the end sounds more interesting and convincing than the abstract concept of "activity".

8. Organizational skills

One of the phrases that could do you a disservice in the future. Often, employers like to add work to an employee, referring to the fact that he has it indicated in his resume. Thus, the employer may not hire other specialists, and distract this employee from the main activity. Organize a corporate party, a picnic and conduct a master class, instead of using the services of companies organizing holidays, which will cope with this many times better and more pleasant for the team.

9. Devotee

Inappropriate word in context, and again, this is one trait that every professional should possess. If you are not committed to your work, then why should the company have such a fickle and undecided employee.

10. Great experience

This is a good indicator for most employers, but a little superficial. You can specify how many years you've worked as a graphic designer, for example. But what's the point if you're not a particularly good graphic designer. It is always better to show the fruits of your activities, show your path of development and ambition - all this will reinforce your words about great experience, making them weighty.