How to relax in just 10 minutes

How to calm down and get out of stress if no relaxation tips work and you are constantly worried about something? Use this technique - it is not based on psychology, but on the physiology of our body: it relieves tension in the muscles, thanks to which the brain perceives the situation as calm and relaxes the nervous system. This technique is used to treat people who are prone to panic attacks.

Find a quiet place

For the technique to really work, find a quiet corner where there are no people, try to stay quiet, and sit in whatever is comfortable for you. And now just relax. Breathe evenly and calmly, do not make any effort at all.

Do this simple exercise

To truly completely relax your muscles, you first need to tense them very hard. Make a fist and hold for 5 seconds, then relax. Now it's the same with the other hand. Can you feel the difference between when your muscles are tense and when you are relaxed?

Now, take turns tense the muscles of the whole body: chest, shoulders, abs, buttocks, calves. Close your eyes tightly, then open. Press your lips together - relax; raise your eyebrows up, as if surprised - lower it.

Concentrate on what you are feeling. Catch the difference.

Stay in this state a little longer

Do not rush to immediately interrupt this "session". After you have done this simple exercise, sit quietly for a few more minutes - let the muscles get used to, and the brain - to understand that the body is relaxed, and instruct the nervous system to go into a calm mode.

Try to train this exercise as often as possible - it helps well to cope with acute reactions of the nervous system - an increased heart rate, feelings of anxiety and fear. It will help you cope with emotions and physiologically and quickly return to a calm state.