Why You Should Eat Garlic Every Day

For several years, coconut oil has been widely promoted by health enthusiasts, urging it to be used not only for cooking, but also as a natural and effective skin and hair care product. But time passes, and gastronomic trends - as well as trends in general - are changing. So, experts assure that the place of coconut oil in reviews and texts on the topic will very soon take ... garlic.

How to use coconut oil for skin and hair beauty

Well known to all of us, this product has always been used as a remedy to fight the first signs of a cold. But its dynamic healing properties are much broader than we could imagine. We will tell you why you need to eat garlic every day, even if your immune system is okay.

Powerful healing properties.

Garlic has been used medicinally for thousands of years among the Egyptians, Greeks, Japanese, and this is no coincidence. The secret is that garlic boasts a high concentration of sulfur compounds, which is responsible for its pungent taste and distinct aroma. At the same time, sulfur is extremely important for the normal functioning of the body: it helps cells to fight all types of pathogenic bacteria (protection of blood protoplasm), maintains the necessary and sufficient level of blood clotting and contributes to the optimal concentration of bile produced by the body (which, in turn, affects the process digestion of food).


One of the most common reasons to focus on garlic dishes during the fall / winter period is the antimicrobial properties of this herb. Mindbodygreen.com notes that one study found garlic to be 100 times more effective against Campylobacter (a bacterium that causes intestinal diseases) than the two most commonly prescribed antibiotics. In addition to this, garlic has strong antifungal properties and may be helpful in combating yeast overgrowth in the intestines.

Fight cancer and hypertension.

Garlic, with its high levels of sulfur compounds, can do wonders for cardiovascular health. In particular, it helps lower cholesterol levels by inhibiting enzymes responsible for the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. And that's not all. By consuming garlic, you also get: lower blood pressure, prevention of atherosclerosis and lower triglyceride activity - all of which directly affect heart health.

Interestingly, garlic consumption in some countries is correlated with a lower incidence of various cancers (especially stomach and colon cancers), and this cannot be considered a coincidence. Garlic exhibits anti-tumor activity by acting as an antioxidant to slow the growth of tumor cells. In addition, some researchers have noted a decrease in blood sugar levels with regular consumption of garlic.

Hair health and skin beauty.

A number of scientific experiments have shown that the elements contained in garlic have a beneficial effect on the function of hair growth. For example, garlic works especially well as an additional supportive agent in cases where hair loss and thinning are caused by a lack of vitamins and aggressive environmental factors. Cosmetologists note that due to its antimicrobial properties, garlic can significantly improve the condition of the skin, which, with proper and sensible care, will make it clean and elastic several times faster.

Last but not least, the benefit of garlic is its cost. Unlike expensive supplements or complex vitamin complexes, garlic can be on your table every day, regardless of the fullness of your wallet.