Healing with the Power of Thought. Mental healing

How often, for any simple ailments, we grab the pills and run to the pharmacy. Today we will try to convince you that thought treatment is no less effective and even more harmless!

Sit in a comfortable chair and grab a photo you took last summer. Let it be a beautiful landscape. Look at it, remembering all the details, then close your eyes and recreate what you saw, inscribing yourself in this image. Imagine that you are lying at the edge of the surf, and the oncoming waves lick your pain, taking it far out to sea.

Treating depression with thoughts

Imagine a small rocky island in the middle of the ocean, and yourself - a tall, well-built lighthouse on its top. The walls of the lighthouse are so thick and strong that even strong winds cannot shake it.

In good and bad weather, you send out a powerful beam of light that guides the ships. Now try to feel in yourself the source of inner light that never goes out!

Treating stress with thoughts

Are you offended and do not see an outcome in some situation?

Imagine that you are a writer, and the episode that haunts you is just a page from the life of a literary hero. Put it on paper as a short first-person story. Reproduce all events in great detail and restore dialogues as accurately as possible. Describe your feelings. Then look at this story as a failed rough draft.

Rewrite it the way you would like it to happen. Try to understand the motives of the actions of negative characters, sympathize with them and forgive their mistakes. Create new dialogs.

Tell us how you feel now.

Come up with a new ending and a denouement that suits you - and depression is gone!

Losing weight with thought

Find the best shot of your figurine, taken 5-10 years ago. Close your eyes and mentally imagine yourself at the moment when the photo was taken - the same young, slim, beautiful and happy.

Your subconscious mind will take this image into service and force the body to adapt to it - to burn fat cells and smooth out wrinkles on the face.

No wrinkles with thoughts

Try with the power of thought to smooth out wrinkles with the help of air and sunlight, implant them into the skin, and then feel how each of its cells is drawn to a shining ray, rejuvenating and tightening.

Prevent colds with the power of thought

Mentally ascend the mountain peak, covered with sparkling snow, and breathe in the clean frosty air with full chest.

After a session of psychological hardening, viruses cannot overcome you!