How to regain interest in life: advice from a psychologist

Many have such periods in life when all interest in it is lost. People begin to remember the years of their youth, when they were interested in any events, they were striving for something, they were achieving something. They rejoiced at every little thing and every evening, going to bed, dreamed that a new day would come faster. Where do all these feelings disappear over the years, how to deal with it? How to restore interest in life?

Reasons why life becomes insipid

In fact, it's easy to understand why interest in life is lost. People begin to close themselves off from the world around them, they do not want to see and hear everything that happens. Likewise, a person exhibits a defensive reaction that helps to hide from the pain encountered along his life path.

Everyone can remember how often he utters such phrases: I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to experience something like that again. While pronouncing such phrases, people trigger certain mechanisms:

Destruction program.

They completely cover any feelings.

The real world in all its manifestations is no longer perceived.

Regardless of whether a person understands that with such thoughts he gives an order to launch a program of destruction, he acts. A person has several channels of perception, on which the understanding of the surrounding reality depends. How to restore interest in life? You need to learn to perceive the world around you correctly.

Signs of depression

If there is no interest in life, what to do? How do you know if a person is depressed? Psychologists define it by the following criteria:

A person ceases to be pleased with any events that previously caused positive emotions. Apathy, sadness, guilt and despondency appear.

A person no longer sees a way out of this situation.

Interest in intimate life is lost and physical activity decreases. Sleep became short, and interest in food was lost.

Self-confidence completely disappears, and a person begins to avoid other people. In some cases, suicidal thoughts appear.

People can no longer control their feelings and emotions.

It is quite difficult to get out of this state, but it is possible that in such a situation it will be useful to seek help from a psychologist.

Vision is the visual channel of perception

Thanks to sight, people are able to see, distinguish a large number of shades, notice everything that is happening around. As people age, their vision deteriorates, but not because the ability to see is lost. Scientists have conducted many experiments and were able to prove that it can be 100% even in old age.

Visual perception of the surrounding reality depends on how much a person is ready to notice and accept everything that surrounds him. Any offense, manifestation of anger and irritation "closes people's eyes." Diseases associated with loss or deterioration of vision appear due to the fact that people do not like everything they see in their lives. In children, these diseases occur because they do not want to see what is happening in their families.

Hearing is the auditory channel of perception

Hearing is the most important channel for the perception of the surrounding world. It also affects the ability to speak. The vibrations that are emitted by sound are perceived not only by the organs of hearing, but also by the whole body. Therefore, when a person's ability to perceive information by the organs of hearing is closed, he is fenced off from life and the surrounding reality.

People often ask again what has been said, mostly because their attention is very scattered. Also, auditory perception is closed in cases when the interlocutor screams loudly, especially if it is something unpleasant. Children often have hearing problems due to high-profile scandals in the family, they do not want to perceive it, and as a result, various diseases arise.

Sensory channel of perception: sensations and feelings

A person receives most of the information through feelings, and he closes them, if something goes wrong, instantly. This often happens when he is faced with insurmountable obstacles such as fear, resentment, love suffering. Life becomes uninteresting because its taste is lost. It has a direct relationship with the perception of any smells, tastes, and tactile sensations are also of great importance.

People often resort to the simplest way to turn off such a channel of perception - this is smoking. You can also dull your feelings by closing yourself in; computer games and the Internet allow you to escape reality into another world. Today, when technology has developed to a high level, this happens very often.

How can I get my interest back in life? Some recommendations

If you lose interest in life, what to do? There are some rules for those who have lost interest in life, they will help to regain it.

You need to completely change your schedule. This could be a change in the route that a person takes to work. Perhaps it is worth abandoning the transport that he follows, or getting off a little earlier than his stop and then following on foot. Many people benefit from listening to their favorite music while commuting and commuting to work. This helps to strengthen the nervous system.

How to restore interest in life? Psychologist's advice: you need to start experimenting and stop being afraid of new things in your life. It is also important to stop eating the same foods. Change your hairstyle, if it hasn't changed for a long time, update your wardrobe. You need to start enjoying all sorts of innovations.

It will be useful to update the interior in your home, you may even have to throw out some old things and buy new ones. Adding new colors to the interior of the apartment also helps.

You will need to become a little selfish and get rid of those responsibilities that were familiar and took a lot of time, but were not necessary. You need to start loving yourself and stop listening to someone, learn to believe in yourself. Enjoy any small positive events in your life.

What needs to be done to restore the will to live

How to restore interest in life? The advice of psychologists boils down to the fact that it is necessary to learn to accept the world around you as it is, and to treat yourself in the same way, to perceive yourself as real in this world and to begin to respect. Be grateful for all the events that take place in your life.

When a person has lost interest in life, what to do? Everything is very simple, in fact, life responds with what a person does in it, and all events do not happen by chance. To start living and getting pleasure from what is happening, you just need to be a person with a capital letter, believe in yourself and not commit immoral acts.

For the desire to live to appear, a person must be completely satisfied with himself and with everything that he does. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a person who will be satisfied with everything that happens, but he himself is not successful. But many people think that success is money. Everything is much simpler, a successful person is one who realizes himself and loves his type of activity. There are people who do not have a big fortune, but consider themselves successful and enjoy life.

Success is not about having an expensive house, car, yacht. All these are just little things in life compared to when a person was able to realize himself. A successful person always returns home with great joy and is glad to meet people close to him. Such people know what their meaning of life is, they have clearly defined goals to which they strive.

If you lose interest in life, what can you do the simplest? Even some of the world's leading psychologists advise not to lose your sense of humor in any, even the most difficult situation. And sometimes you can laugh at yourself.

How to help yourself: advice from psychologists

There are moments that help get rid of depression.

It is necessary, as strange as it may sound, to balance the diet. Stop making all kinds of snacks that don't lead to anything good. It is necessary to properly balance your diet so that you do not have to resort to additional use of some vitamin complexes. Eating a small amount of dark chocolate is beneficial to help release endorphins.

Keeping a diary in which you need to write down any little things that happen in life, both successes and failures, helps very well to cope with problems. Sometimes there are cases that help get out of depression - this is a state of shock. These are moments when a person needs to act urgently in a given situation. In a similar state, he forgets about all the problems that prevent him from living normally. It is important that such actions are under the supervision of a specialist, otherwise the negative consequences can be very dangerous.

Lost interest in life? You need to turn your attention to such simple things as the daily routine and night. Analyze whether the sleep and rest routine is correct. First of all, it is necessary to normalize sleep and be sure to find some of your favorite activities that will become a hobby. Thanks to this, you can completely distract yourself from pressing problems.

If everything seems to be bad in life, then how to find interest in life? You need to reconsider your views on her and understand that she is rich in many positive events. You need to become more optimistic. Believe that life can change in a positive way, and start making every effort to do so.

Most people tend to exaggerate the events in their lives. You need to look back and analyze what is happening, and then everything will start to fall into place. Perhaps some of the problems were too exaggerated or even far-fetched. It is best in cases when depression has overcome, look around and see how colorful the world around you. Start enjoying life and things will start to improve.

Pause in your business as a remedy for depression

How to restore a person's interest in life with a pause in business? This is not difficult. You just need to relax, perhaps do meditation or go to relax in nature. Feel how nice it is to meet the sunrise in some of your favorite places. Spend the evening by the fire. Observe how the water flows, and at the same time do not think about your problems. Listen to your soul and remember some pleasant moments in life.

Remember your purpose in life

How to return joy and interest in life? For this, a person needs to remember his innermost dreams, because everyone had them. It is necessary, as it were, to return to the past and find what was pleasing at that time, the meaning that gave energy and the desire to live. Then it is good to think about at what point the turning point in life took place and what exactly happened, why the desire to live disappeared. Then you need to mentally return to that place and at the time when it happened, and rewrite the past. After such a rethinking of everything that happens, you should begin to live in complete harmony with your soul and check everything with it. A medicine that can help overcome psychological difficulties is in everyone's soul.

How to Stop Blocking Your Senses

There are 2 options for advice from psychologists on how to regain interest in life and stop blocking feelings.

First: you need to try to look inside yourself, to understand what kind of emotions you want to hide from others and yourself. Next, you need to accept them completely, feel, experience and just let go.

This is best done in childhood. A child can freely, without hesitation, cry if someone offended him, and immediately forget about everything and start playing, doing his favorite thing. In this way, children can easily let go of negative emotions.

It is much more difficult for an adult. He needs to find a place where no one will see him. Calm down and understand which emotions worry him the most. When he figured out with this, he needs to accept them, feel them completely, and so he can throw off negative emotions. Negative feelings will cease to be blocked, and it will become much easier.

The second option: a person needs to seek help from a psychotherapist.

Laughter is the simplest remedy for depression

A person just needs to perceive everything easier. Start every morning with a smile and understand that life is beautiful, no matter what. It is very useful to watch comedy films. This simple therapy has helped many to begin to enjoy life and get rid of negative emotions eating from the inside.


There is a well-known truth: any correctly posed question carries an answer. A person wondering how to regain interest in life is already on the right track.