The first to age are those who actively fight against the "signs of aging"

I have to reveal to you one terrible secret: scientists have found out that the first to start aging are those who are trying to fight the signs of aging.

Now attention! I am not discouraged from buying a cream or going to a beautician, as well as quitting the gym and swimming. The most important thing is to do all this with love for yourself and your body, and not under compulsion.

The whole problem is that people are so fiercely fighting the signs of aging, but it doesn't help them, and it's not at all because they DO it, but because they THINK when they perform these actions.

I explain. It has been proven that if you do not love yourself or your body, it is a disease. What are the signs of this "disease"? A person does not want to accept himself either physically, physiologically or sexually. He is disgusting and unpleasant to himself. All these side effects come from childhood, as you were treated from birth to 5 years, so you will perceive yourself in the future.

By the way, as it is not regrettable to state, doctors and scientists have proved that acute toxicosis in a pregnant woman is associated with the rejection of the fetus at the subconscious level. As a rule, a woman is then “sick” of her own child all her life.

But they cannot openly admit this to themselves - and this is the saddest thing for any psychotherapist ... after all, honest awareness of this removes all subsequent problems, and a person finds harmony ... But more often than not, no one finds out their unconscious traumas and therefore raises traumatized children.

Later, such children do not like themselves: their biological sex and its physiological characteristics, the shape of the ears, nose, legs, hands, chin, hair, eye color, the shape of the fingers ...

But in fact, these people simply do not like them themselves, entirely. More precisely, your own BODY. For such people, your body is the eternal enemy number 1.

They consider him a dirty, sinful, imperfect, miasma-secreting vessel of abomination. And all this is because their parents DID NOT accept their child at birth. They did not cope with postpartum depression and infantile illusions about motherhood. They thought the child was a nice-smelling expensive toy. And this "toy" turned out to be rather dirty and burdensome living flesh, requiring Love ...

Wounded by this attitude towards themselves, these children grow up very smart and sad. They are constantly tormented by the question: “How did it happen? What is wrong in this world? " They transfer self-love to all LIVING; not loving themselves, they begin to dislike the whole biological world.

But such thoughts are strange and not accepted in society, and people successfully mask them, or, as Freud would say, they are forced into the unconscious.

If they study well, then most often they are sincerely drawn to medicine or biology. Such is the joke of nature ... Having entered the medical institute or the Faculty of Biology, and having received a scalpel in their hands, such people plunge into the native element of the morgue - at last they will be able to take revenge on this Living World! Finally, they will read the truth about all diseases and prove: there is nothing to love this world for - there it is!

If these people, for various reasons, do not have a "romance" with medicine as a profession, they find their way to the anatomical theater through another door. The second category of such people belongs to the regulars of clinics, including cosmetology.

They are very squeamish. They are everywhere surrounded by viruses and microbes, toxins and toxins, wrinkles and age spots. The most important thing in this whole message is that they wish death on their body. They do not believe that the body can be - beautiful, healthy, happy and young - and so all their lives! Just start arguing with them about it, and they will be offended!

After all, you will encroach on their little world, in which they have settled down with such comfort! Try to explain to your neighbor that the Zionists are not to blame for everything ... "And who?" - the neighbor asks in bewilderment. And her Universe, where everything was so clear and simple, will collapse overnight ...

It is from such people-biorobots that we hear stories that the aging process begins at the age of 25 (!). These are the people who tell scary stories about "not bearing a fetus." In the stories told by these people, everyone is sick, everyone is operated on, everyone is dying, everyone is unfinished, and the world is generally a "vale of sorrow and despair" ...

It seems that these people have a watch on their hands, showing not the time, but how many minutes are left until the end of the world ... Ask and ask them, they will be happy to tell you how much.

And what about you and me? And you and I every day are subjected to a massive information attack carried out by these people who have risen to the top.

If you give them free rein, they will change the shape of your nose, ears, hips, buttocks, replace your teeth, remove extra ribs, appendix and gallbladder. In general, kill the siba up the wall ...

If they are given free rein, then all their women will give birth to children only by caesarean section, because "Childbirth is a serious illness, the outcome of which is unknown" (aphorism from their piggy bank).

If they are given free rein, they will order children to be conceived in a test tube, in a hospital, under the supervision of the leading obstetrician of the clinic. Here's another thing they invented - at night, in a tent, on a non-sterile sleeping bag! There are only microbes around!

If they are given free rein, they will replace all the "imperfect" parts of the body with iron, chrome-plated parts, and instead of a heart they will put - a fiery motor!

Well, when these people begin to talk about beauty and "age-related changes", then we got caught ... After all, we ourselves are looking for this information, aren't we?

However, be aware: The first to age are those who are actively fighting the signs of aging - they follow the regime and diet, do not sleep with their face in a pillow and try not to smile so as not to earn mimic wrinkles.

What's going on? People, at first glance, preoccupied with health, beauty and youth, in fact, are concerned only with diseases, ugliness and old age. And their black thoughts activate aging processes in the body.

What do they think about when lubricating their skin with expensive creams? “If only not to grow faint! If only not to grow old! ". When the thoughts are one continuous old age, the body obeys the commands of the mind.

Scientists (from those who were brought into science not by hatred of all living things, but there are such, thank God!) Found out: the age of aging is a conscious choice of every person. If your own mother got old (for example) at 45 years old, then this happened only because she took it on faith - her old age should come at 45 years old! So her grandmothers told her in the yard, where she hung up the laundry.

And those who were "explained" that old age begins at 28, that is exactly how they looked at their young 28 years!

Unfortunately, most of those who advertise the services of the health and beauty industry to us are those very sick people who quietly hate all living things. Well, it just happened.

Let's break this stereotype!

Take care of yourself, be interested in innovations, but do it out of love for yourself, and not out of fear of dying at 25 from irreversible age-related changes!

When we love ourselves, when we look at ourselves with joy, the processes of rejuvenation are launched in our body, the necessary hormones are released. The body and face only reflect what is happening inside the psyche, and the "right psyche" triggers the production of the "right" hormones. Scientifically proven!