The most embarrassing situations in life, or How not to fall on your face in the mud?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable if you were offered food that you were allergic to? Did your friend's dog attack you when you crossed the threshold of his house? Have you ever sat down to dinner with a friend while his cat was on the table?

This is inconvenient, and you may have thoughts that it would be better at this moment you would be somewhere else. Remember that everyone goes through uncomfortable situations in life, so try to control yourself and not get upset.

Here are some tips on how to deal with these awkward situations.

You are being offered food that you are allergic to

As soon as you understand that food that you cannot eat is about to be served, try to quietly pull the hostess aside and tell her about it. When she apologizes (assuming she is polite enough to do so), tell her that you understand the situation, she may not have known that you are allergic to this particular product. While other guests are eating this specialty, you, unfortunately, will eat the one that is less harmful to you.

Suggest food you don't like

If you are not allergic to what you are served, then continue to eat what you think you do not like. You might be surprised. Sometimes different seasonings can make a dish very tasty. In addition, your taste buds change, and foods that you didn't like as a child may now become your favorite.

If you suddenly forget someone's name

Don't make it too much of a tragedy. Just excuse yourself and say that you are having trouble remembering the name. Most people forget the names of other personalities at least once in their lives, everyone has had such a situation, so they will understand.

Awkward conversation

Most of us have been in situations where the conversation started on a topic that made one or more people feel uncomfortable.

It could be politics, religion, or something else that doesn't suit everyone in the conversation. Try to change the topic of the discussion. If other people don't take the hint, you can politely leave.

If you hear something offensive

Whether you're at a family dinner or in a cafeteria at the office, you don't need to stay close when someone tells a dirty joke or gossip about someone who isn't there. You can speak up if you have the nerve to defend your position, or you can just leave and you do not have to listen to all this. Most people find out that whatever was said about them was offensive.

An awkward silence

Most people love live dialogue, but in many conversations there are times when there is nothing more to say. This lull can cause awkwardness, confusion. You can, of course, come to terms with it and continue to sit and be silent, or you can find a new topic of conversation. Pull yourself together to start the conversation first, because this is the only way you can continue the conversation.

Conflict situations in the office

Regardless of whether you are involved in a conflict or watching everything from the outside, never lose your dignity, try not to raise your tone, control your speech. Agree, it is always unpleasant if your mood is spoiled in the office and your day will go awry because of this. Conflict situations can also have a positive outcome, but this is if both sides take turns expressing their views and actually listening to what the interlocutor says.

Conflict situations with family or friends

Friends and family members should be respectful of each other, even if they have issues that need to be discussed. Don't be aggressive or rude. Take turns showing your dissatisfaction, and always be ready to apologize so that this conflict does not escalate into a serious quarrel.

Errors at the table

Obviously, some people don't know how to behave properly at the table, and there is probably nothing you can do about it. However, even the most intelligent people are wrong. If you accidentally spill something or interrupt the other person during a conversation, apologize.

If the owner of the house where you are invited is in an awkward situation, be empathetic. If his dog attacks you as soon as you enter the house, take a step back and let the owner take control of the situation.

Don't make any awkward situation a big tragedy. If you break or drop something during dinner, tell the landlady that you will pay or buy a new item instead.

If your worst nightmare happens in reality

Many of us have fears that cause nightmares or keep us awake at night. Perhaps the next day you have to give a speech, and you are afraid that you will forget some words. Or perhaps you are worried that you will travel and fall in front of the people you are trying to impress. If this does happen, take a deep breath and try to find something positive about the situation. Most people will laugh with you, not at you.