3 rules to seriously interest a man

Create your life, your happiness.

1. Your life and happiness should not depend on a man, his presence or absence.

Create your life, your happiness. If you want someone to make you happy, forget about it. This is your responsibility. Someone can only make you happier, become a bonus to your personal happiness.

Your job is to be the person others want to be with. Who would want to be with a miserable girl eager for attention and salvation?

But if you enjoy life, live as you want, do not complain - you will definitely want to be with such a person.

2. Love and respect yourself - it's sexy!

When you respect yourself, you show others that you are not an empty space, and they will respect you even more. You don't have to try to be better than others. Look at yourself and carry yourself with pride and dignity.

3. Radiate positive energy.

Be confident in yourself, tune in to the positive, and it will be noticeable without words, as well as the opposite.

Good relationships and love life start with you. It's all about you, about the energy that you send into the world.