Psychological techniques will take control of almost any situation

Psychologists say that their advice will help you take control of almost any situation. What are these tips?

If you work with clients, you should have a mirror in your office facing the client. Clients are much less likely to become unreasonably angry when they see their reflection.

If someone only partially answers your question, don't interrupt ... wait. You are much more likely to get a solid answer if you don't say anything else but just listen carefully.

After you formulate your position in the negotiations, it is better not to say anything else, everything said below will not be in your favor.

If you want to get something from someone, try to arrange it as if it is just an offer, not a request.

It is generally believed that for every person the most pleasant sound in the world is the sound of his name. Try to memorize people's names, refer to them by name, it makes them feel special.

Whenever possible, chew gum whenever you have to do things that annoy you. It is somehow really calming.

If you work in the trade, do not respond rudely to the rudeness of customers, it only adds fuel to the fire. Keep yourself with restraint, benevolently, and a conflict situation can be avoided. Otherwise, the situation can get out of control.

The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Then the educational material will firmly sit in your head.

When meeting people, your smile should radiate joy from communicating with them, this, as a rule, attracts people to you, and they show the same friendliness to you in return.

Don't gossip about other people behind their backs. At first it may seem difficult not to gossip with everyone about someone, but in the end, people will understand that you are not involved in gossip, and trust in you will only increase!

People won't remember what you said, but they will remember how your words made them feel. So do not worry if you feel that you have said something stupid, so long as the general essence of the conversation does not hurt the interlocutor.

People love to talk about themselves. If you don't know how to keep the conversation going, or an awkward silence lasts longer, just ask questions of your interlocutors.

It is easy to judge a person's character by noticing how he treats people, communication with whom does not promise him any benefit.

When you're romantically involved, try to make the first dates exciting (ride a roller coaster, jump with a parachute, etc.). The unforgettable impressions received at the same time will invariably evoke your image in the head and heart of your boyfriend / girlfriend.

If you force yourself to smile, your mood will really improve.

When arguing, do not immediately reveal your position, start with arguments. If you tell people right away what position you are in, they will most likely refuse to take what you wanted to say on the topic. will already be "warned" of your bias. And if you do not express your point of view to them, keep it a secret, people will have to listen to everything and try to understand your arguments.

Especially with children, it's a good idea to stick with a tactic where, on the one hand, you always give them a choice, and on the other hand, keep them under control. For example, "Will you wear a red shirt or a blue one?" Either way, you let them know to wear a shirt.

Try replacing filler words like "mmm", "uh-uh" with short pauses (to collect your thoughts).

When asking for a service (for example, skipping you out of line), try using the word “because”. Psychologists have found that regardless of whether the argument is logical or absurd, the word "because" affects people's brains in a specific way, making them think that you really need to do a favor, because there is a "reason" for this.

You don’t have to think anything at all and expect something when you first get down to business. This way you don't have to experience disappointment.

Maintain your posture. This will make you look more confident in more than just the eyes of others, you will actually feel more confident.