Useful life lessons

Everyone wanted to be smarter, more efficient, more successful and happier. But only a few are really making the effort to change. All others are waiting - when everything will happen by itself. Never, sorry.

Even cats, contrary to the saying, are not born by themselves. Meanwhile, in order to push yourself on the right path, some ten minutes a day will be enough. You have so much time for yourself, right?

Goal setting

Take a look around. The vast majority of your acquaintances live completely aimlessly. Daily tasks are a substitute for a goal - don't fall for this bait. Meanwhile, a short-term goal can be set for yourself in a couple of minutes. Focus only on your desires and you will very soon understand where you want to go.

Learn to learn

People who do not know how to master new skills are doomed to remain at the very bottom of the food pyramid. Who gets to the top? Anyone who is able to quickly and effectively perceive information, use it. Pick one new skill, no matter which one. Do it now. Give it ten minutes a day and in a month you will understand how much easier it has become to assimilate information about any thing.


Every day, the average person literally drowns in streams of information. Our brain cannot cope with this and has already learned to effectively destroy most of the information coming to it. As a result, memory gets worse. Preventing this is quite simple: start training your mind to retain the information you need. Learn new foreign words, for example - this is a great way of self-development.

Calling thirty days

Fast is slow, but constant. Think about what you have always wanted to add to your life. Programming? Sport? Music? Do not rush into the pool with your head. Set yourself a bar for thirty days and each of them move towards your goal in small steps. And then everything will roll by itself

Time management

Take ten minutes to put together a rough plan for the day. What time do you need to wake up to do everything? How much rest does it take between tasks? Minimize sitting your pants in front of the screen - realize that this way you reduce your productivity at times.


Forget the religious background of the art of meditation. Think of this as the only way to unload and exercise your mind at the same time. Ten minutes a day will be enough to get tangible results.


You've probably heard about the visualization method. It really works, just not in the way that lazy people dream. In terms of how many do not imagine "Ferrari" lying on the couch, the car will not appear by itself. But visualization can spur your subconscious to work. Thus, imagining the very same hypothetical "Ferrari", you will already begin to gradually build your life so as to get the cherished goal. Visualization works best in the morning. The ideal plan for your morning should look like this: exercise, visualization, meditation. For everything about everything - on the strength of fifteen minutes.