Tips for Dads on Raising Girls

Michael Mitchell is a 30-year-old dad who adores his daughter and runs the Life to Her Years blog, where he collects rules for the same fathers of girls like himself. The blog now has 407 rules, tips and tricks. Here are some of the most interesting and useful ones:

1. Love and respect her mom. Feel free to show your feelings in public. As your girl grows up, chances are good that she will fall in love with those who treat her the way you treated her mom.

2. Always be there. Spending time with your child is important, both the quality of this time and its quantity. Be genuinely interested in the things she cares about. Participate in every stage of her life.

3. Buy her the same sneakers as yours as soon as she learns to walk.

4. Be a hero to her. Save and help her out every day, every minute. Red cape and blue leotard are required.

5. Yes, you look stupid when you play hide and seek. But this is necessary. Ku ku.

6. Dance with her without waiting for her wedding day.

7. Take her fishing. It will most likely wriggle harder than a worm on a hook. This is normal.

8. Tell her that she is beautiful. Again and again. Everyday. When she grows up, television and magazines will begin to convince her otherwise.

9. Savor every moment you spend together. Today she crawls around the house in diapers, and tomorrow you hand her the keys to the car, and before you know it, you will lead her to the altar. Life goes by pretty quickly. Save minutes.

10. She will argue with her mother. Choose wisely which side you are on.

11. Take her on a hike. There are a lot of amazing and interesting things in nature - much more than in a city and even more so in an apartment.

12. Buy her what she asks for. The day will come when she will ask for a puppy. Just say yes and that's it.

13. Teach her how to handle money.

14. Wear it as much as possible on your arms and shoulders. As long as you still have a strong back, and it is still quite tiny.

15. She will look forward to your return home from work. Don't be late.

16. If she had a nightmare, take her to your bed.

17. There is nothing more comforting in life than crying on Dad's shoulder.

18. When swinging her on a swing in the park, remember that her "faster and higher" is a little different about yours.

19. Ice cream can work wonders. Know her favorite taste.

20. Learn to trust her. Give her more freedom as she gets older.

22. Remember that at some point she will spread her wings and fly away from you like a beautiful butterfly. Enjoy while she is a caterpillar.

23. Let her know that she can always return home. It doesn't matter when.