Activities you can master without leaving your computer

Save yourself this list of activities that will help you master without leaving your computer, it may be useful to you.

1. Learn to read faster

Spreeder is a free online program that teaches you to read faster without sacrificing meaning no matter how old you are. With enough patience and diligent practice, your reading speed will double, three, or even four times! Just think how much time you will save.

2. Learn languages ​​

With Duolingo, you can learn Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, English, and more. In addition to the site, there is a mobile application that will make the development of an extensive and exciting program more convenient. Fuck expensive tutors!

3. Become an irresistible warrior in Excel

Chandoo are good Excel fairies who want to share their knowledge with the world. The art of handling spreadsheets will increase your chances of getting a dust-free office job. Fast processing of data will seem indispensable to you throughout your career. What are you waiting for?

4. Learn more about statistics

UC Berkeley has released its statistics course on iTunes. Now you will never again fall for the trap of dirty news journalists, wicked popularizers of science and cunning advertisers. Every self-respecting person should know the theory of probability: in our time of widespread cheating, this is an urgent need.

5. Learn to negotiate

Have Stan Christensen of Stanford explain how to negotiate in business and personal life, manage relationships for personal gain, and not let manipulators pull your strings. Sports fans will appreciate the abundance of football metaphors.

6. Improve your writing skills

Do you think that conquering the world with gifs is depressing, and you want to burn people's hearts with a verb? Macalester College offers an excellent lecture series that will turn any idiot into a good writer. If you are more interested in journalism, start with Wikiversit.

7. Stop hating math

If you suffered in math lessons at school, and now you desperately need it, do not sprinkle ashes on your head. You can take the course "Mathematics in real life", it will restore and make your basic knowledge viable. Don't be afraid of abstract speculation: you will learn how to put your skills into practice.

8. Learn to code

No skill nowadays leads to such brilliant prospects as programming. Looking to create a website for your startup? Or release a new app that will tear everyone apart? Then you need to learn how to code! You can download detailed guides anywhere, but the interactive Code Academy will make the learning process more enjoyable and more fun. The program is innovative and extensive, so the quality of education will not be affected in any way. But if you prefer traditional methods, you can start with the Harvard Introduction to Computer Science course.

9. Make a dynamic site

Are you still using existing templates or prefer to express yourself on mainstream platforms like toggle switch and blogspot? Learning Ruby on Rails can change your life forever. There is a long and extremely useful list of free learning tools here, from Rails for Zombies to Learn Ruby The Hard Way. Some basic knowledge of programming will be useful, but if you are persistent and not too self-critical, you can safely fall into this abyss.

10. Create your mobile toy

If you are interested in nothing but fun apps with games, you can take this course at the University of Reading. They promise to teach you how to write in Java, even if you have no programming experience! But if you want to do a really cool thing, you first need to get advanced in game theory.