How to start your day right

1. The first hour of the day is the golden hour. Robin Sharma argues that the first hour of the day is the most important time. It is better to devote the first hour to self-development and work on yourself. Do not turn on any computers or TVs. So that nothing clogs your brain with unnecessary information. Engage in self-development: writing personal notes, meditation and reflection, reading inspiring books. Remember how effectively your first hour after waking up will be throughout the day. Do useful activities and be very effective for even the first hour. Then everything will go by itself.

2. Morning pages. Morning is the best time to write morning pages. Morning pages are very good at freeing your head from all unnecessary - it's the same as keeping a personal diary.

3. In the morning you can meditate.

4 Affirmations. Saying positive affirmations in the morning can also help set you in a good mood for the day. For example: "Every day I enjoy life." "I celebrate my every day" and "Life is an endless stream of joy, success and abundance."

5. Useful books. You can read the books you want. Read for at least 30 minutes a day. So you can read more than one book, and even the most difficult and difficult can be mastered.

6. Go in for sports. The best time to do sports is in the morning. In the morning it is much easier to force yourself to exercise. Yes, for this you will have to get up earlier. If you find it difficult to train yourself to play sports, then do it in the morning. In the morning there is much less resistance. I did my job and I’m free all day. This becomes a healthy habit over time.

7. Important matters. If you work at work or freelance, then leave all the important things for the first half of the day. In the morning, even the most difficult and difficult things are done effortlessly. Therefore, for a long time, schools and universities have been working since 9 o'clock. Creative activity is very high in the morning. Articles are much easier to write.

8. Plan for the day. In the morning it is good to do all day planning. You need to write down your goals for the day and the program of the minimum that needs to be done.

9. The morning should be calm and relaxing. No rush or hassle. If you can't do without it, then you might get up late.

10. Exercise on Gratitude. In the morning, you can also write down everything you are grateful for. It sets you up in the right mood. You need to write down or say everything for which you are grateful to the Universe. Remember the Gratitude Stone in the movie "The Secret"? So you can have yourself such a thanksgiving ritual. What to thank for? For your health, your opportunities, your talents, the health of your half, your parents, for the food on your table, for a roof over your head.

11. A glass of water. Drink one glass of water immediately after getting up. So your body will make up for the lack of moisture, and you yourself will wake up faster. Some also charge the water with positive affirmations.

Getting the day started right can increase your efficiency many times over. It is very good to do self-development in the morning. If your morning is very productive, then by lunchtime you will be surprised to see how you did everything that you planned. You will have free time that you can spend on your favorite activities or searching for your vocation.

The only difficulty is getting yourself used to getting up early. So the first time you have to fight the urge to sleep.