How to find the purpose of life in half an hour

Probably, all people periodically ask the question: "Where am I going, and what do I want to see at the end of the path?" But not many can give a clear answer to this, and meanwhile, a global goal will help in difficult times not to give up, not get lost in life and always know what you really want. There is one way, simple and difficult at the same time, with which you can find your goal and not doubt that it is real.

Schopenhauer describes an eerie perspective, but it becomes much more real if you don't know where you are going in life at all. There are small goals: buying a house, starting a family, earning the respect of colleagues at work, getting a high position, but the big one is not.

Someone will say that she is not needed at all, that without knowing where you are going, you will definitely not be mistaken with the road, and this is to some extent true.

But what will this road be like - a bright and joyful path or a thorny valley with "worries and hardships"? When a person feels good, he does not think about the meaning and purpose, the most trash begins when he feels bad, bored, sad. Then you need some sense or purpose, you need to find it in order to keep moving. And it's good if a ready-made target becomes such a beacon, so as not to rush in the darkness of your fears and corrals.

It seems very difficult, especially when I have never thought about it. All sorts of imposed values ​​creep into my head, and the only reaction to them turns out to be: “This garbage cannot be my global goal. In fact, she doesn't mean anything to me at all. "

In order to find a goal that really means something, you don't have to go to the oracle or live in a monastery for five years. The method will take from 20 minutes to an hour, but before you start, you need to understand a few points:

Get ready to take it all

Many people associate themselves with material goods or some kind of great achievement when they say “goal”. Accept the thought that this might not be the case. Accepting the possibility that your goal will sound and look quite prosaic and unimpressive from the outside means sacrificing megalomania for a happy life.

In addition, your goal does not necessarily lie in a familiar area, where you have been looking for your destination since your student or even school years. Just be prepared for the fact that it may turn out to be something completely unfamiliar to you.

Only what makes it good

The only criterion for a real goal is that it brings pleasure. A person seeks to constantly receive pleasure, moreover, you can get it from anything - from a job well done, from the process of this work, from communication, knowledge.

You can call your global goal a global source of pleasure that will last a lifetime. So you can check your goal after searching: if you do not get high from it, then this is definitely not it.

The way itself

As promised, the method is simple:

- retire

- Write on the sheet "My purpose in life"

- Turn off thoughts

- Start writing down everything that comes to mind

The bottom line is that when the real goal is on the sheet in front of you, there will be a violent emotional reaction from it, which can end in tears.

Why turn off thoughts?

Because over the years of your life, many ideas have accumulated in your head about why you need to live and what to strive for. First of all, they will appear on your sheet, and in order not to confuse, monitor the emotional state. If the target is emotionless, it is definitely not the target.

For some people it may take 20 minutes, others will sit for an hour, everything is individual here. The main thing is not to give up. After the first 100 responses that do not evoke any emotion, you may think that this is stupid and not worth wasting your time on. If you overcome this feeling, you will learn something valuable, isn't it worth spending an extra half hour for this?

Even while writing, several options may appear that cause you an emotional uplift, but not strong. Mark such answers, perhaps they are part of a global goal, and it will be easier for you to find it by them.