Collection of 100 mistakes. What we regret after renovation

Learn from other people's mistakes! We have collected the statements of all the "victims" of the renovation, which will help you avoid the "unforgettable" missteps that we regret after the renovation.

So, 100 repair errors:

1. I will never let the upper kitchen cabinets hang above the line of the eyes!

2. Linoleum is not the best option for flooring in the kitchen. In general, linoleum is not an environmentally friendly material.

3. Don't trust your wife to repair. Let her do it under the guidance of a designer. Otherwise, you will receive a copy of the apartment of your friends or acquaintances, because everything is so beautiful with them. It is terrible to realize that the owners of the apartment are devoid of individuality.

4. Painted walls in everyday life were not practical. Especially in the area of ​​switches - endless prints. If you really want to paint the walls with paint, then apply a layer of varnish on top, for example "Kiva". Then the walls can even be washed.

5. In the kitchen, it is still better to provide a box under the corrugation for the hood.

6. Never combine a toilet and a bathroom if there is no "backup". It is not functional, especially when there are more than two people in the family.

7. Never share a kitchen chopping area with a hob.

8. Do not use carpet. He is more of a problem than a pleasure.

9. I will never use gray-blue, blue and malachite shades for the bathroom!

10. Never lay a space under the bathroom.

11. Wouldn't put laminate or parquet boards in the kitchen. The first leak and immediately problems. Laminate, in principle, is not entirely environmentally friendly and emits pharmacaldehyde. Do you want to live and poison yourself ?! Use laminate flooring.

12. Don't use white or very light-colored tiles in the bathroom - it feels like you're in a hospital.

13. It is in vain to put kitchen furniture along the entire wall in a rectangular kitchen, it is much more convenient, like the neighbors', to place it at a corner.

14. I will not save on plumbing and tiles - then it will look bad for several years, and you will not begin to redo it.

15. In vain they made a small dressing room so that more space was left in the room. These half a meter - a meter of a room will not save, and when the dressing room is jammed, you cannot build another.

16. Based on the stuffed cones, I would never do the electrical wiring around the apartment without first making a plan for the arrangement of furniture - moreover, the final plan, which will not change anymore!

17. Dark floors and dark tiles (especially on the bathroom floor). It is not that any dirt is visible - every speck of dust and drop, especially from a washing machine. You have to clean up several times a day.

18. Lots of open shelves with a bunch of souvenirs. This is an unreal dust collector!

19. Black toilet - woe in the house! All the dirt on it is three times visible. Over time, due to the use of cleaning agents, it becomes covered with white streaks that cannot be removed.

21. Do not forget to install sockets right in the bathroom for a hair dryer, an electric manicure set and a razor. You can do one, but then choose a mirror, in which sockets are also built in in the manner of an extension cord.

22. Provide rheostats (dimmers) in the child's bedroom so that the light turns on slowly, rather than abruptly.

23. Make a warm floor. In principle, at first you can not even turn it on, but it's better to do it right away. It would be nice if he was in the hallway too.

24. Do not buy chandeliers with flat horizontal open shades - there are so many midges accumulating, cleaning - you will be tortured.

25. It is better to choose halogen bulbs with an angle of inclination, rather than rigidly fixed ones.

26. If the wiring is old, replace it completely. By the way, it would be nice to write down (or take a photo with measurements) its location, otherwise you will get into the wiring with sniping.

27. Provide an entrance to the apartment for all possible cables (wide cable channel).

28. Set all switches to "euro" (at a height of 80-90 cm) - so that children can turn on the light without jumping.

29. Light and socket on the balcony - just in case. It can be useful.

30. The lighting in the kitchen directly above the work surface (built-in lamps in the kitchen visor) is beautiful, but not functional.

31. Use two light switches / switches - at the entrance to the bedroom and by the bed in the bedroom, so as not to get out of bed, wanting to turn it off.

32. I regret that they put rough tiles on the floor in the hallway and kitchen. there are like holes on the surface. Impossible to wash!

33. Warm floors must be with a timer, or if you turn it on in the morning, it warms up only after 2 hours.

34. Immediately decide where the kitchen furniture and refrigerator will stand, DO NOT PUT a warm floor under them! I have a depth of 60 cm for the floor cabinets, and the floor does not heat 1 meter from the wall (well, they screwed up, they told the repairmen - step back a meter from the wall, all the same there will be furniture), so it's a shame, you stand, cook, and your legs don't get warm. And it warms up under the refrigerator. And in the hallway it is better not to warm the entire hallway so that the shoes dry out.

35. Windows are better with micro-ventilation function and safe latches for children and animals.

36. Choose a place under the counter in advance. And the position of the switch in the hallway is better to measure out more carefully.

37. Doors with a glass insert will interfere with the sleeping person if the light is on in the next room.

38. In the nursery, think over the sports complex in advance, and strengthen the holes for the Swedish wall.

39. Refractory materials should be placed near hot surfaces. High risk of ignition of flammable materials.

40. Batteries do not need to be sewn up too much, leave access to their overlap.

41. I regret that we did not find a place for a boiler in case of a hot water cut-off or its extremely low temperature.

42. If you are going to make built-in wardrobes or dressers to order, you need to level the walls!

43. It is necessary to think over the little things in advance. After the renovation, we bought an 80-liter water heater, decided to install it in the toilet - we needed an outlet, we had to use new wallpaper.

44. Too slippery floor tiles were laid in the kitchen and rubbed with light grout (at first it was very beautiful, but now grouting with stains, does not wash off - the view is very bad).

45. When installing the bathroom, no borders were placed on the wall, where it meets the tiles, but simply rubbed with silicone sealant ... the result - there is always water in the corners.

47. Pipes to the batteries run in the floor. In the bathroom, the floor heating sensor was placed too close to them. Bottom line - when the heating is turned on, the thermostat has only two modes: off or at full power.

48. Too rough tiles on the bathroom floor. Poorly washed.

49. Sewn in a plaster ceiling too narrow ventilation duct for the hood. The result is a drop in the suction power of the hood.

50. When dividing the floor in the kitchen-living room into a work area (tiles) and a recreation area (parquet), too much tiles were made. Conclusion: you need to plan more carefully and taking into account the volume of future furniture.

51. The plumbing was done according to a sequential scheme, we are very sorry that we did not force the plumbers to redo it.

52. We have Spanish tiles in our kitchen, very beautiful, but one drawback, very deep chamfers, where all dirt quickly accumulates and is poorly washed out. It was necessary to choose absolutely flat, but not glossy and so that there was almost no chamfer.

53. There is a problem with sockets. There are a lot more of them than you think, especially in the kitchen. It is better to do more than to carry it along the finished walls.

54. It's great what the switches in the hallway and bedroom did. In the corridor, you don't have to walk back and forth to turn off the light, and in the bedroom you can turn off the light while lying on the bed.

55. Be very careful to make the slopes on the windows and thoroughly foamed.

56. When installing the bath, make sure that the bowl is tilted towards the drain, otherwise the water almost does not leave if the bath is placed on a level.

57. Forced the foreman to lay out the floor tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen. Those. if water leaks somewhere under the bathroom or kitchen furniture, it flows into the middle of the room (you can immediately sound the alarm).

58. When choosing a tile, we faced a lot of problems: a variety of colors (they had a hard time laying out the color palette), different sizes (up to 3mm), pattern inconsistency. There were no such problems with Spanish and Italian.

59. I had to insulate and seal the cracks on my own. But all the same, the difference between the "relatives" and the new window is amazing.

60. Don't forget about the heated towel rail!

61. The sewer pipe makes a lot of noise. Plastic pipes are good for everyone, but they make a lot of noise, so make soundproofing - it is not expensive.

62. If there is a small curious child, it is better to make keys or wraps on all doors, especially in the bedroom. And store the stunt doubles higher, but in an accessible place.

63. If you buy corners for the bathroom yourself, then take care of them during transportation from scratches and damages, and tell your builders about this, otherwise all scratches on them will turn into dark stripes.

64. Consider protecting the protruding corners with wallpaper and do not cut corners - they will bulge.

65. Stretch ceilings are super! Do it all at once in the whole apartment. Fast, smooth and in one day.

66. Plan your kitchen right away. The supply of many communications depends on this.

67. I would never have made a corner dryer in the kitchen - very inconvenient.

68. I would not make a plain light floor in the bathroom - you can see every trash bin, at least once in my hour.

69. There were problems with the boiler, no one warned that it was dangerous to hang on a drywall wall.

70. You must first think - do you want to change the windows, and then make cosmetic repairs in the apartment. Replacing double-glazed windows after wallpapering is still stupid ...

71. Do not use white grout for tiles in the kitchen - it will look dirty.

72. First you need to think over the electrical wiring in the bathroom, and then lay the tiles.

73. Be sure to put underfloor heating in the bathtub and toilet - it's such a pleasure!

74. Do not save on water heating - buy at least 80 liters of storage for a family.

75. Better to make a bathroom in warm colors. This is the first time I live in such a place now - it seems that the temperature inside is 5-6 degrees higher.

76. Now I would strictly forbid builders to touch stainless steel kitchen appliances!

77. I would not buy a parquet board, but real parquet, because after a few years, the board, even very expensive in my case, began to flake slightly and the seams between the boards widened. But maybe it depends on the manufacturer.

78. Do not regret making sockets. I've read this advice before, but my husband tugged at my sleeve (to moderate my appetites), and as a result, extension cords appeared, which I would very much like to avoid.

79. Warm floors: wherever there is a tile, it is a must.

80. Doors: when the interior doors were installed, it didn't even occur to me that the switch should be near the handle that opens the door. And we hung them up so that the switch was on the side of the hinges.

81. Pantry: If there is any space you can donate for a pantry, do it! Vacuum cleaners, rollers, sledges, skis, Christmas toys, mops, basins, buckets, household appliances that we do not use every day - everything is there. I don’t know where I would have put all this if we had not made a separate pantry!

82. Parquet: we have dark parquet. It looks very nice, but on such a dark floor, especially on a sunny day, every speck of dust is visible.

83. Ceiling: A mistake - they made a glossy ceiling in the living room, but did not take into account that under it there is another level of the ceiling with lamps built inside - all these lamps now do not scatter a pleasant light around the perimeter of the room, as was supposed, but are reflected in the ceiling, as in mirror. Horror! All the wrong side, as they say, is there.

84. In the toilet, bathroom (and wherever there is a lot of moisture), a stretch ceiling is required. It is beautiful, nothing swells, does not fall off, but the most important thing is that if you are flooded by neighbors, the water does not spread widely throughout your apartment, but collects in this very ceiling. Saved us 2 times already. The ceiling just sags and the water stays inside. Then the craftsmen were called in, they removed part of the ceiling, drained the water, and put it back.

85. Loggia (or balcony): you need to bring out the lighting and always the socket!

86. The sockets in the bathroom must be waterproof (with a lid) - a washing machine, hairdryer, razor and electric toothbrush are vital.

87. Need a forced draft in the bathroom.

88. Make hidden storage places (for example, buckets, rags, chemicals and other household supplies).

89. From what you did right:

1. A shower cabin was installed in the guest bathroom. When you need to quickly, we wash ourselves there, and it is also very convenient to wash the dog. In such dirty weather, this is the only way to save ourselves! Because I can't push my Labrador into the bathtub anymore, and it's unpleasant to share a bath with a dog.

2. underfloor heating, boiler, insulated loggia (with underfloor heating, light and socket).

3.a lot of drawers and closed shelves + a wardrobe in the nursery, there is where to hide the entire children's household

4. built-in dishwasher is a dream).

90. We regret that we have spared money for a designer to see the whole picture at once! A lot of things I do not like precisely because of ill-conceivedness.

91. When I plan where to place the bed, I will take into account the direction of the drafts. now our bed stands near the wall where the front door to the room is located, and if there is a small draft (even from micro-ventilation), then this draft flows right through the bed and flows out the door. If the bed stood against the opposite wall, the draft would not touch it.

92. And I was also taken out by the plug buttons and joints on the baseboards. terribly disliked. It seems to be matched to the color. And my sister had them in the same collection - they are practically invisible.

93. Door handles with sharp corners - from time to time someone touches them with a hand or something else, it hurts and the clothes are torn.

94. Vinyl wall-paper for painting of Ukrainian production - foolishly pasted in one room - horror! in the other, the German ones are glued - super.

95. Wouldn't have moved in with unfinished renovations and unfinished furniture. There were opportunities. And now all this is just dragging on ... it seems we are used to it already, but there is always not enough time to finish everything. Either not move in, or hire someone.

96. Single sockets are ridiculous! Overlooked! Now we live with the hated tees.

97. So much has been written about the light grout on the floor !!! But apparently it wasn't enough for me ... A very untidy look.

98. I will never glue "fluffy" wallpaper in the nursery, which can be torn off - in the process of falling asleep. Children poke their fingers there all the time - they have already stripped everything near the bed.

99. I would have found out all the exact dimensions of the furniture before the repair. In the kitchen, the sofa (or even not a sofa - a very, very wide chair-chair) that we want to buy has a back height of 90cm - the switch for the sconce is centered at 90cm, that is, it starts from a height of 86cm. Hit right in the back. Move the switch higher, and suddenly we will change the sofa in a few years.

100. We have gone through a major overhaul and realized that there are things that cannot be saved on. For example, on materials - wallpaper, paint, glue - everything must be of good quality! But there are also those things on which you can save hundreds of thousands of rubles.