Smoking stones are a novelty for hookah lovers.

Despite the fact that the art of hookah smoking in the east originated more than 1000 years ago, for other countries it remained in the shadows for a long time and only in recent decades has gained real popularity. A special impetus for the development of the hookah was the anti-tobacco companies and partly fashion, which quickly took root in Western countries. Nowadays, hookah is a must-have in almost any bar and club where it is allowed to smoke indoors, because, despite the fact that hookah does much less harm than regular cigarettes, its smoke still contains nicotine.

In order to reduce this small harm to zero, not so long ago they began to use steam stones or, as they are also called, smoking stones, which allow you to enjoy a hookah without nicotine by 100%.

Just like tobacco, smoking stones are placed in a hookah bowl, then covered with foil with holes or a special mesh, on top of which is placed the charcoal for the hookah, which gives heat.

How smoking stones "work"

In order to obtain a fragrant smoke, tobacco leaves are soaked in special syrups, which give the hookah the appropriate taste. Unfortunately, in addition to the aromatic vapor, the smoker also inhales the combustion products of tobacco, and this is a small amount of nicotine, tar and carbon dioxide, which in large volumes can cause poisoning.

When using smoking stones, there is no combustion process at all. The stones, like tobacco, are soaked in a special syrup, but with strong heating, the stones themselves do not burn, but only evaporate the syrup accumulated in them. The evaporation process of the syrup is accompanied by abundant clean smoke, almost the same as when using tobacco.

When the hookah has been smoked, the stones are taken out of the bowl, washed slightly and put back into the syrup jar, and after a while they can be used again.

The main benefits of smoking stones

In addition to ease of handling, smoking stones have a number of other advantages:

They do not harm health, in some cases, on the basis of smoking stones, steam cocktails are recommended for the prevention of a number of diseases associated with the respiratory tract and oral cavity.

They cost almost the same as a regular hookah dressing, but they can be used longer.

The only disadvantage of stones is the reduced relaxation effect obtained when smoking ordinary tobacco in a hookah, since there is no nicotine, which has the main effect on the human brain.