Orchid care tips from Greensad

Tips for caring for orchids from the Greensad online store, as more and more men began to give women indoor flowers. Judge for yourself, and beautiful and will not fade in a few days, if, of course, you know how to properly care for it - before you have a desire to choose and buy orchids in the Greensad store.

So let's look at how you need to grow an orchid at home. This is no big deal, just remember a few ways to save it.

The Phalaenopsis view is considered an excellent option, for those who still do not know how to perfectly care for indoor plants. He is considered the most inhospitable. They can be in blooming mode for up to three months, perhaps, at least one bouquet will last so much. But what you need to know first of all is this:

1. Correct lighting. Light should be moderate. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to expose it to the sun, she does not like this. It is easy to determine whether or not there is enough light for the orchid, the sheets will tell you about this. If they are strong about juicy, then everything is fine.

2. Watering for a given flower is quite unique, since even the quality of water plays a big role. It is good to use rainwater, but it is very difficult to collect. In this situation, we use boiled, settled liquid.

3. Also consider that there are also types of irrigation

3.1.1. We water only with a thin stream. We pour water until it starts to appear in a saucer under the pot. Pour out the excess liquid and repeat what has been done. We water in the morning.

3.1.2. The dive method is very convenient. Take the pot, put it in a container of water for fifteen minutes, no more, and take it out. Allow excess water to drain slightly.

3.1.3 Believe it or not, the orchid also loves to swim. We do this no more than twice a month. To do this, we need to wrap a pot in a bag. It is good to make a shower from a watering can and not hot, but room water. After the end of the procedure, leave it, and while it is in the bathroom, let it dry a little.

Fertilizers will be very useful for her. We go to a special store and buy additional food. It should be used clearly according to the instructions, so as not to harm your plant.

But the transplant is almost the main thing in the growth of a flower. It is necessary to select the correct pot with large holes in the bottom. We also pay special attention to the soil, we buy it in the store, indicating to the seller for which particular houseplant you need it. After removing the orchid from the pot with soil and freeing the roots, we place them in warm water. Then we look at the root and if suddenly there are rotten tips, we cut them off and process the cut site with green paint. Then we place it in a pot and cover it with earth. And we put it in a dark room for two weeks. If in the same year the orchid bloomed, then you did everything right!