Warren Buffett's Tips (Tips from Successful People)

Warren Buffett is the most famous and richest investor in the world. According to Forbes, he ranks second in the list of billionaires of the planet - after Bill Gates. Warren Buffett's fortune is estimated at $ 46 billion. The Bogush Time blog has published Warren Buffett's 10 investment tips.

1. Investing is about investing money today - and getting more money tomorrow. Warren Buffett has always had a rather modest lifestyle. Instead of living in expensive cottages and eating in restaurants, he invested every free penny in stocks. For 35 years, he managed to increase the initial amount of $ 100 thousand by 200, 000%.

2. Buy shares of those companies whose products you personally like. At one time, Warren Buffett significantly increased his fortune by buying a 9 percent stake in the company that produced his favorite Gillette razor.

3. Don't invest in areas that you don't understand. Investing in a business that you can understand is far more profitable.

4. Don't be "shy" with losing stocks. If your forecast did not come true and instead of profit the company brings losses - sell your shares and do not waste your nerves.

5. Behind every stock that grows is a successful business. If everything is good in the company and incomes grow, the shares will grow.

6. Invest in international business.

7. There are winning stocks on the market and you need to find them. Typically, some companies grow faster than others. From which follows the next, the eighth rule of Warren Buffett.

8. If you use calculations, you will definitely reach the top. But at least you will protect yourself from the biggest risks. Use analysis to differentiate yourself from the crowd of uneducated investors. This will increase your income.

9. The main thing is the history of the company. Investors often make the same mistake - they try to assess the situation "by looking in the rearview mirror", ie. paying attention to a short amount of time. On the other hand, Warren Buffett is sure that you need to see the entire history of the company's development, and not a short snippet of it.

10. Don't be in a hurry or nervous. "When I buy stocks, I don't care what happens to them the next day, " says Buffett. "The main thing is that I can easily predict what will happen to the market in the long term."