The best material for the gutter system from Euroroof

What material is better for making a drainage system in a country house? Each country house should be equipped with a high-quality and modern drainage system. With a high-quality drainage system, the owner does not have to worry about the condition of his house. In the absence of a high-quality and reliable drain, water will flow along the walls, falling under the foundation. It is because of the wrong drainage system that the walls of the house can crack, stains will appear on them, the basement will be constantly damp, in the end, after a few years the foundation of the house may also sink.

Today there are many different drainage systems. They differ mainly in the material from which these structures are made. Most often, such systems are made either from metal or from plastic. The price for drains of such modifications is described on the website

Unambiguously, plastic structures are more economical, but, unfortunately, in our climatic conditions, they sometimes do not withstand weather conditions. Such systems usually only last for 2-3 years, and then their work is disrupted. Frost has a detrimental effect on the plastic drainage system, for example, the pipes simply become very fragile, and the slightest damage can lead to the replacement of the entire system. Also, plastic systems depend on humidity, so with frequent rain or snow, they lose their color. They are also immune to ultraviolet study, which means that if they are constantly in direct sunlight, they will fade, the whole system will have a very unpresentable appearance.

Metal structures are more durable, albeit more expensive. Such structures can be either copper or steel. Today the most reliable drainage systems can be considered the Vodostokin systems. Such systems are made of high quality steel with a special polymer coating, which guarantees their reliability and durability. In addition, these steel systems do not corrode.

Copper drainage systems are of the highest quality and most reliable, they meet all the necessary requirements, they are resistant to bad weather, frost and the scorching sun. Unfortunately, they are often very expensive, in addition, the design of the copper system is very complex in execution. In general, copper systems do not differ much from steel systems. They are also non-corrosive, strong and durable.

It is important to carefully approach the choice of material for the manufacture of a drainage system in a country house. It is important to choose a reliable and durable material in order to avoid all the unpleasant consequences associated with moisture ingress in the future.