Auto rules that you won't be told at the driving school

Auto rules that you will not be told in a driving school, we read, draw conclusions, develop the automatism of correct actions.

1. Track, turn left. You stand and miss oncoming cars. DO NOT turn the steering wheel to the left in advance. A blow from behind and you are a corpse under the wagon. Keep the steering wheel straight.

2. You grabbed the curb or snow pillar on the left (for example, near the dividing road on the avenue) or on the right (curb). Kill your instinct to pull the steering wheel in the opposite direction. With a DEAD grip on the steering wheel, without changing the position of your foot on the gas pedal, compensate for the shift to the side. The car will lose speed and return to the road. There is no need to try, by all means, to strive for the road, you will be sharply thrown in the opposite direction.

3. Be careful when passing long turns along the INSIDE radius (for you, the inner one, for the oncoming ones, the outer one). If an oncoming car passing along the outer radius begins to skid, then it will not go into a ditch, but in 90% of cases, after convulsive movements of the oncoming driver, it will fly to your forehead. It is a mistake to be more afraid of oncoming cars passing along the inner radius, as a rule, their skid ends on the side of the road. Although anything can happen. You need to be careful on lingering. If a car flies headlong into your forehead, then the best solution is a ditch.

4. When you are rebuilding, then accelerate!

5. Do not ride in "neutral" You lose the ability to accelerate, and the brake is not always a way out. (You can get a sled for the cost of ... with your car)

6. Do not brake while cornering. In a corner, only controlled acceleration.

7. Always keep a fallback. For example, if you are in doubt about overtaking, drive into the oncoming lane and drag behind until you are 100% sure that you can overtake. And if anything, then return to your lane.

8. Making a checkerboard overtaking on the track and wedging into the stream, extinguish the speed on the COUNTER lane. One of the most common mistakes is when, overtaking a convoy at a significant speed, the driver, seeing that he is not in time, begins to wedge into his lane and at the same time brake strongly. And there rutting ... and such "meat" begins ... .. There are a lot of cars around, but he was dragged. Once again - EQUALIZE THE SPEED on the MEETING STRIP! The time is the same, but 1000 times safer!

9. If you see that the oncoming car does not have time to overtake, turn on the right "turn signal" and push to the side BEFORE. Do not blink your headlights, there may be a person driving for the first day.

10. If the machine drifts / skids, act firmly and smoothly without fuss. The process does not develop instantly and, accordingly, does not like sharp and convulsive movements. (what and on which drive is written more than once) And learn what demolition and skidding are and what actions need to be taken on different drives. There is only one hopeless situation, this is a skid on the front drive on the descent, in other cases everything can be corrected.

11. It will not be superfluous to find a large flat area and try your car in extreme braking and acceleration. Rock, feel the limit. Nothing will happen to your car.

12. Do not rely on the directional stabilization system in the rain. If a breakdown occurs and you float (aquaplaning effect), the system will NOT help you. She trite "does not understand" what is happening. Do not rely on it at all. She's certainly a thing! And will help in most cases, the electronics are not perfect.

13. If in the car "antibuks" is not tied with one button to the exchange rate stabilization system, then turn it off. It is always harmful! (On a mono drive) Especially if you are going to slip through an intersection from a sharp start. The start will not be so sharp))

14. If you are flying along the left lane with a breeze, and there is a traffic jam in the “oncoming lane”, then behind each car you will find a cheerful suicide bomber in the form of a pedestrian, for whom, “look, everyone is standing, I’ll go the path, buy a beer, catch up”

15. You are flying, on the left lane, and everyone on the right is standing or driving slowly? They are idiots. A pedestrian is allowed to pass. He will gladly smash your frontal head with his head. What is there. You serve a couple of years, and he dies. Incomparable losses! The humor in paragraphs 14 and 15 is black. And there is only one conclusion. The pedestrian is always right and human life is most important. No one is immune from mistakes, but be careful!

16. On the sidelines a person with children, or children. Brake. There are no options. BRAKES. I saw it once with my own eyes. My instinct helped me. But the downstream neighbors do not. 4 years old. Girl. And her grandmother was holding her by the handle. Do you know how little children run? It's absurd, they shake their hands, all the relatives of the house are touched by this. That's so absurd, right under the vaz 2109. I called an ambulance. Saved !!!

17. Animals on the road or unexpected obstacles in the form of wheels, bags, etc. Himself with experience, but recently rolled the dog. (60 km / h empty middle lane on the avenue of 3 lanes, the dog ran out of the darkness at full speed across the road. It is not difficult to calculate that the reaction time is less than 0.5 seconds, that is, no options.). Called the Ministry of Emergencies to be pulled out of the bumper. Revised the video recorder recording. No chance. There were no options. Didn't even slow down. It’s a pity for the dog, but it jerked right under the wheels. Why am I .. Keep your cool. Before rescuing the dog, make sure not to "bump" a couple of poles, a nearby car, and a pedestrian on the side of the road. And then the doggie will run merrily on, and you ... yes, I saw a video recently, where you saved a dog at the cost of your life.

18. The reason for everything is speed. Show me an accident, about which you cannot say - "Damn, I would go a little slower, and nothing would have happened!" (Exotic, like I forgot to put on the handbrake, it doesn't count)

More careful on the roads.