Helpful Hints How to Study Effectively?

Helpful Hints to Help You Understand How to Learn Effectively? for maximum results. conducting experiments Edgar Dale in 1969 identified the most effective ways of teaching.

Edgar Dale concluded that:

- listening to lectures on a topic or reading materials on a subject is the least effective way to learn something;

- Teaching others and using the studied material in your own life is the most effective way to learn something.

He presented the research results in the form of the "Learning Cone" diagram.

Edgar Dale taught students the same teaching material, but in different ways. And then I analyzed their ability to recall the information learned after graduation.

Although the cone is indeed based on the results of Dale's research, the percentages were not calculated by Dale, but by his followers as a result of their own research.

Even though the Cone of Learning, which has gained widespread acceptance, is not entirely accurate, it is a guide to the most effective learning techniques that the human brain can perceive.

Learning Cone clearly explains why fragments from a film are better remembered than a book on the same topic read. The film uses audio and visual aspects that the human brain is more likely to remember.