20 tips to teach yourself to wake up early

20 tips on how to teach yourself to wake up early, as they say, so as not to wake up life for nothing, and so we sleep almost half of our lives

1. Find the reason. That is, the reason for waking up early. This could be the statement that only losers sleep late, or that there is a lot of work to be done, or that at 10 am, all the sun loungers on the beach are already filled with towels of more nimble vacationers. Find your motivation.

2. Forget about the snooze button in your alarm clock. Put it clearly at the right time and that's it (6-7 am). The alarm clock rang - do not pull your hand for the snooze button, but get up!

3. Remember the consequences of your "well, another 5 minutes!" Personally, my 5 minutes can turn into an entire hour. Every minute you spend extra in bed can make you fall asleep again.

4. Sleep soundly and for a sufficient number of hours. If you can't get enough sleep, it doesn't matter what time you get up. You will still feel overwhelmed. Healthy and full sleep is the basis of your vigorous day.

5. Make your bedroom a pleasant place to relax. From the color of the wallpaper on the walls to the pattern on your sheets, these are all very important factors too. So is the pillow you sleep on. Better yet, if you put your bed so that the morning sun shines directly in your eyes - then you will definitely not sleep long.

6. Open the window. I have already noticed more than once that it is only necessary to ventilate well before going to bed, and you fall asleep much faster.

7. Proper sleepwear. Clothing should be comfortable and not inconvenient for you. Night dresses that are on the ears in the morning are not very conducive to sound sleep.

8. Fall asleep with happy thoughts. And do not try to scroll through the preparation for the delivery of the project in your head.

9. Take a bath before bed. Possible with lavender oil - very relaxing. For children, it is good to brew the sedative collection and add to the water. Although on especially difficult days, such a bath will suit you too.

10. Try to go to bed always at the same time. And even on weekends.

11. Completely extinguish all light sources. It is best to sleep in complete darkness. If the night light is on, your body will not be able to completely relax and will be on alert all the time. And what is a healthy and sound sleep here ?!

12. Find the correct alarm ringtone. It shouldn't be too soft, otherwise you just won't wake up. But it is also better not to choose too sharp and loud. It may well be just annoying, and at the same time it would be nice to set the alarm clock somewhere far away so that you have to get up for it.

13. Woke up? And stretch? Good and correct stretching is very helpful. They should not be sharp, otherwise you risk pulling your leg or back, or getting a cramp as a gift. Stretch gently and sweetly.

14. Charging. As a child, we were forced to do exercises in kindergartens and elementary grades without fail. And who can boast of daily morning exercises now?

15. A glass of water. After waking up, it would be nice to have a glass of water. Water will help your system to wake up and flush out the harmful substances that have accumulated overnight.

16. Soft reminder. Still having trouble waking up? Try hanging your plan for the week or the day in the bathroom next to the mirror, for example. While you wash and recognize yourself in the mirror, at the same time you will read what you have planned.

17. Comfortable clothing for waking up in the morning. It can be a bathrobe, slippers or warm socks (very important in winter, when you especially don't want to get out of bed).

18. Cheer up. The cheerful music of your favorite artist in the morning is the best soundtrack for getting to work in the morning. Plus coffee, tea or your favorite fresh juice - a guarantee of a good morning and high spirits.

19. And open the window again. Only after we woke up. Get plenty of fresh air and drive sleep out of the apartment!

20. Congratulate yourself. And preferably loudly. The louder the better! It could be something like "Hooray, I did it!" And you can share your joy with your unfortunate neighbor, who also needs to get up early. At the same time, he will wake up.