How to Become Kinder (Useful Tips)

Man by nature is not at all harmless, but nevertheless, he is not a fiend of hell, only thirsting for how to harm someone. Many philosophers argued about which nature in man is stronger - evil, devilish or good, Christian. There are many opinions on this matter, and in each of them you can find your own reason.

Many people say that it is not profitable to be kind today (note all the tragedy of this phrase - the true, most beautiful properties of the human soul are evaluated mercantilely and selfishly). This position is justified as follows: if you are a kind, gentle and sympathetic person, then, firstly, your kindness will be used for certain purposes, and secondly, all your undertakings will be destroyed in the bud by more arrogant and dexterous competitors, ready, unlike you, go over the heads.

Any religion teaches a person to be kinder. From childhood they read books and tell stories about the need to be kind. At school, mainly, of course, in the elementary grades, everyone is also taught that you need to be kind, sympathetic, a good student and companion. Nevertheless, often all these lessons seem to be something intrusive, disgusting, moreover, often in protest, one wants to do the opposite.

But still - what if you really wanted to change, and you ask one and only question: how to become kinder? How to become more sensitive to people, how to learn not to refuse help, but, doing a good deed, to do it disinterestedly and not hope for benefit in return? First of all, you must be in complete harmony with yourself. Often we become tougher and callous simply because of the accumulation of life experience, as a result of any disappointments, resentments, dissatisfaction with our own life. Every day we go through many difficult and unpleasant situations, stresses and troubles, which, on the one hand, help, because they make the skin harder and more resistant to the next stage of testing. On the other hand, those very tender, light feelings noticeably fade - it's hard not to be disappointed in life when it too often turns to you not the best side.

But even in spite of all these sad properties of it, do not despair in any case - love life in all its manifestations! Being an optimist, it is much easier to believe that there will be a holiday on your street too, or even that this holiday has never gone anywhere and will not go away. With this attitude, it will be much more pleasant for you to live and to help others.

You can be sure that not a single good deed in the world goes unnoticed. Take it easy and don't take yourself too seriously. If you have rendered a service to someone, you should not consider it and yourself the most valuable gifts that life has presented to the gifted with this very service. Do not exaggerate, although this is common to everyone. Think of the good deeds that other people have bestowed on you and treat the good from others in the same way you would like them to treat yours in the opposite situation.

Don't be lazy to help others. We all know perfectly well how imperfect the world around us is, and that in order to make it even a little better, you need to put in a little effort yourself, but still. There are now many charity organizations. Do not invest all your money in good deeds - for a start, at least just take unnecessary clothes for the homeless to the reception center.

Most importantly, do not count the good deeds. Do everything sincerely and from a pure heart. Be sure that such altruism will be pleasing both to those whom you have helped with a kind word or deed, and to your own soul.