Tips on how to create a relationship with a successful man

Tips for Girls on how to create a relationship with a successful man. In view of the fact that there is one continuous esoteric slag on the Internet on this topic, as a relationship coach, sorry, with 6 years of experience, (and just as a man) I want to share real facts about what a girl needs (step by step) to do to create strong relationship with a REALLY successful man. Successful is young, financially secure, adequate and promising. Club madora pick-ups aren't trendy anyway, so call me.

I will speak as it is, so sorry in advance for a tough serve. But truthfully and effectively. Let me also remind you that all these points will still lead you, dear girls, to the stage of relations, but then you have to think for yourself, because the chance to screw up already in a relationship is also great. But more on that in the next series.

Let's go


Yes Yes! Exactly to invest! Emotions, time, energy - whatever you like. Financially, last but not least, because guys with bucks always have immunity to wrenches (that's why they are successful guys, they know how to count lavender).

Forget, by the way, about wiring for money and seduction through your 3rd size. You want a relationship, a family, and not the role of a vertebral lover on Friday evening. From here, your applicant should see you as a potential wife, and this woman, at the very least, does not fucking treat her husband's budget very economically. Restaurants, gifts and complaints about this are a taboo topic when meeting and getting closer. Otherwise, a direct path to mistresses.

So that's it.

As for the investment - we appreciate what we got hard. Girls, attention here - make sure that your phone number appears in our address book not immediately, but after overcoming some obstacles. There are a million options, the main thing is that after a significant event, the man begins to understand that even “the girl’s phone number was hard to come by, how cool she is, I broke through this wall, wow, I’m not sleeping, but if I screw up further, no, I need everything think it over, I'll call Seryoga ... "

That's all) The boy is almost stuck)


The specificity of communicating with successful men is that they have tough competition. Yes Yes. Now you need to shove your pride to hell and understand that you need to hit the top ten at once, otherwise the competitors are not asleep.

For an accurate shot, you need to calculate the type of man and give him exactly those emotions that he needs most of all. More about this is told at the trainings, but if, in short, with a brutal dominant you have to be playful and sexy, with a daring prize - inaccessible and provocative, and with a sensual soulmate - gentle and understanding.

Girl's flexibility, flexibility. Here it is your everything.

Well, you should immediately feel what kind of animal is in front of you. And when you do everything right, then we, men, clicks "Aha, mine, that's the same."

3) EXPERIENCE STRONG EMOTIONS TOGETHER (both positive and negative).

Since you and I are focused on a serious relationship, simply attracting is the way to the bedroom. You can't get to the kitchen and bath in this way)

Therefore, what brings people closer and closer together?

Well, it’s great - shared emotions.

Now I'm not talking about joint trips in a crowded subway car (although there are overwhelming emotions here), but something deeper. There are a lot of options. Starting from an exotic trip to the exhibition "The Horrors of St. Petersburg", ending with at least a banal film where everyone hugged each other at the end crying. I repeat, emotions can also be negative (to quarrel with the Dpsnik together), they are also very close.


Yes Yes!

The advanced guys have little time to fish out information about how a woman sees life in a couple. While the others are blown up, you have to give a super vivid picture of your future relationship together. Not necessarily in the forehead, it can be metaphorical. The more detailed and colorful you draw your future relationship, the more the man will understand that "this is it and this is what I need." And after that, little will be left to do)


Well, of course, but what else)) And not just bright, but mind-blowing!

Let me remind you girls, the quality of sex is not determined by the price tag of a coward. I'm serious. In addition to techniques, this is sensuality, passion and various cool tricks. Just don't say you don't know them. There are a million of them, ranging from, sorry, blowjob with tea and mint candy, ending with blindfold and pouring champagne over each other.

Unload all the magazine fairy tales about the prince from your head and start doing something for your happiness. I didn't make a reservation. In order to get a cool guy, in all respects, you need to work hard, show the "right" initiative, and then all your girlfriends, in turn, will line up to you for advice, and in between, they will prick a voodoo doll, dreaming of getting your betrothed.

Good luck!

With sincere wishes, Lev Borisych Vozhevatov