13 Tips on How to Use Lemon (Interesting)

13 Tips on How to Use Lemon, this compilation lists common uses for lemon.

1. Lemons are great for cleansing teapots. To remove limescale, you need to pour water into the kettle and pour a handful of lemon zest (finely chopped). After that, put the kettle on the fire and let it boil. Turn off, leave for an hour and wash thoroughly. If there is a lot of scale, the operation will have to be repeated several times.

2. A microwave oven tends to bake stains on its walls and moving parts, which are incredibly difficult to wash. In order to return the oven to cleanliness, you need to pour water into some microwave bowl and put lemon zest in it. After that, put it on and set the maximum oven mode for 5 minutes. After that, all that remains is to wipe the stains with a cloth.

3. You can wipe the trash can with the lemon peel left over from cooking. This will kill bacteria and odor.

4. In winter, the air in apartments and houses is often overdried by radiators and is ventilated much less frequently than during the warm period. In order to make the air fresh and increase the humidity, put a saucepan with water and lemon zest on the fire, bring the water to a boil, and let it steam a little over low heat. Just don't do it in the evening, lemon essential oils will prevent your body from calming down and falling asleep.

5. Lemon is known for its antibacterial properties. To avoid the growth of mold and other "harmfulness" in the cutting board, pour boiling water over it, rub with a slice of lemon, leave for a while, and then rinse with running water and wipe dry.

6. Regular homemade biscuits will be much tastier if you add the rind from the previous paragraph to the dough.

7. Grind the dried peel (without the white part) in a blender or coffee grinder to a state of flour. This powder will replace lemon extract in recipes.

8. The extract from the previous point can be mixed with sugar. After a few days, this lemon sugar will replace both sugar and lemon for many recipes.

9. Original seasoning - a mixture of lemon extract with your favorite pepper.

10. You can make candied fruits from the peel.

11. Elbows, knees and heels to soften the skin, rub with half a lemon, sprinkled with baking soda. After that, rinse well, wipe off and grease with a nourishing cream. Previously, this was done at night, then soft socks were put on the legs.

12. Lemon peel is a good substitute for tonic for oily skin.

13. To make a lemon body scrub, you need to take half a glass of sugar, grated zest of one lemon, and mix it with olive oil until sour cream. In the shower, apply a scrub to a clean wet body, massage (you can use a special mitten or brush) and rinse with water. The contrasting temperature of the water will only enhance the rejuvenating effect of this homemade cosmetic.