Advice on how to survive in the forest with one mobile phone?

Advice how to survive in the forest with one mobile? - have no idea? Then we read the article in pictures that will help to give at least some basics of self-survival, using improvised methods, since it very often turns out that people in nature not only rest, but also tend to get lost, fall into the predatory paws of aliens, go crazy in three pines. In general, continuous troubles happen to them. In order not to turn into a child of the forests after another walk, say, to the central park and not disappear without a trace in tall grass and bushes, smart people have compiled a guide for survival in the wilderness of the forest using a mobile phone.

1. The first thing can do is textolite weapons. A board made of this material, after being freed from chips that are unnecessary at this stage, easily turns into a well-cut device that can be easily broken and sharpened on some nearby stone. Just tie it to a stick - and get a spear, like the ancient cave dwellers, an ax or a knife, for example, for lobsters. Well, or any other fish.

2. Under the second item in this manual follows a battery fire. From physics, we know that if you short-circuit the terminals of a battery (almost even discharged) with any wire, we get a filament. Bring something easily flammable to the reddened wire that is available or can be found on hand: paper, tree bark, a realtor's sanitary napkin (if you are lucky that it was a girl). Now the fire is ready.

3. Third - fishing tackle from trails. You can catch large fish, in general, on any available wire with a spacer. Ideal trains for this case: copper flat - ready-made spoon, thin - hook. Remove the plastic from the connectors to find the sharp bait teeth. What you are looking for will be found under it.

4. Next are musical snares. Since there is no time to listen to music now, and there is nothing on it, donate the headphones and put them on the fishing line or make a snare. The design is quite simple: a loop - 2 linked slingshots - a bent young elastic tree. You need to put bait in the loop. Don't be too bad for a good one.

5. The penultimate device is a signal display. The functions of the touch screen will undoubtedly suffer from this, but there is nothing to lose - take off the glass and always keep it ready. During the day, it can make "bunnies" no worse than an ordinary mirror: you will hear a helicopter fly by and immediately give it a signal. Realtors will definitely send him in search of their commissions.

6. And the list ends with a hand-made compass. Tear off a couple of centimeters of the wire, straighten your fingers and rub it twenty times on the microphone, as a result of which the metal will become magnetized. Lay this creation on a dry leaf and put it into a nearby reservoir. Before you can blink an eye, the wire will unfold along the north-south line. And where what, you will have to determine yourself. For moss in trees, for example.