5 tips on how to make up with a girl

5 tips on how to make peace with a girl, since it doesn't happen to anyone, but you need to know the escape route)

1. Give the girl time to calm down. If the quarrel happened very recently and the girl is still angry, she will not listen to you. Let her cool down and think. Don't insist on immediate reconciliation.

2. After enough time has passed, try to make up. It is better to do this in person. Attempts to resolve the conflict via SMS or Internet correspondence are usually ineffective.

3. Do not try to hush up the quarrel and avoid explanations with the help of gifts. The girl may think that you are trying to buy forgiveness. In addition, if you do not discuss your conflict, sooner or later it will arise again.

4. Talk about the problem. Share how you are feeling and ask the girl to talk about how she is feeling. Feelings and sensations sometimes mean more to a girl than facts and arguments of reason - and this should be taken into account. Apologize for what you really feel wrong about. Ideally, the girl will also take on some of the responsibility for the fight.

5. But after reconciliation, it is already possible to present some small gift that reinforces the success.