"During my life, I realized that .." - Andy Rooney

"During my life, I realized that .." - Andy Rooney. For those unfamiliar: Andy Rooney is the most famous presenter in the United States.

1. The less time I have to work, the more I can get done. "

2. When a child falls asleep in my arms - this is the most touching sensation.

3. Being kind is more important than being right.

4. Simple walks with my father on a summer evening when I was little had an amazing effect on the future development of my life.

5. Small everyday pleasures make life so attractive.

6. Ignoring facts does not mean changing them.

7) when you plan to win back on someone, you just give someone a reason to win back on you.

8. Opportunities are not lost, someone will definitely find the opportunity that you missed.

9. When bitterness enters your harbor, happiness will surely moor somewhere else.

10. Everyone should say gentle and kind words, because tomorrow it may happen that you will receive them back.

11. Smile is the cheapest way to look your best.

12. I can't choose how I feel, but I can choose what I do for it.

13. Everyone wants to live on the top of a mountain, but happiness and growth happens when you climb it, and not when you have already reached the top.

14. When at least one person says to me: "You made me happy today, " it makes me happy.