Varieties of interior doors

The door is one of the most ancient and at the same time modern interior elements. Functionally, the doors of a thousand years ago are no different from those of today. Convenience and design of internal doors largely determines the comfort of everyone living in the apartment. It is problematic to replace an incorrectly chosen door at any time.

There are different types of rooms and for each you need to choose the perfect door. Today, wood processing technologies make it possible to produce doors with high strength, durability and attractive appearance. Various materials can be used for decoration - from MDF with polymer coating to all kinds of wood. Doors can be swing open, sliding, in the form of an accordion. Sliding on guides and swinging doors can be either solid or with glass inserts, and even completely of glass or mirror. Multi-colored glass inserts give the room decorative shades, and on a sunny day, the rays of light paint the room in different colors. The doors, completely finished with wood veneer, will add unity and complete appearance to the room, in which the floors are covered with parquet.

Of particular note is the variety of glass doors. They are made of tinted glass or frosted glass with a pattern applied to it. Glass imitating a stained-glass window looks very nice. An interesting design move is the use of mirrored doors. Visually, mirrors increase the area of ​​the room and give it additional illumination, reflecting both sunlight and glare from various internal light sources.

The market for interior elements is developing very dynamically. You can choose a ready-made door or order an individual design solution. The main thing is that you like the door.