Useful tips for dating a girl

Useful tips for dating a girl, since most modern guys are interested in the age-old question, and it does not give them rest day or night. How, when meeting a girl, will she immediately like it, how to rivet her attention to herself? Experts of this business, the so-called pick-up artists, argue that, first of all, a young man needs to learn how to flirt simply and naturally in order to make an excellent first impression. After the first step is done correctly and communication will continue easily.

Below, masters of their craft, give a short course for a young fighter, how exactly you need to behave with a girl when you first meet.

Step one. The first step in dating any girl is flirting. With it, you show your intentions to your chosen one. Initially, you should decide on the subject of your flirting, choose a suitable candidate. The main thing is not to get hung up on flirting, as such, otherwise all your actions will seem artificial and far-fetched.

And so let's go:

For the first time a girl should be approached only for conversation, brushing aside all extraneous thoughts and desires, as it is immediately felt. The conversation should be maintained simply and naturally, as when talking with an old acquaintance, and then your chances of a second date will increase several times.

Step two. When approaching the girl, first of all, introduce yourself, try to start a conversation on simple, everyday topics. Then ask how she is doing and what she would like to do.

Step three. The main rule of first acquaintance is to listen more than to tell. Most girls love to talk, you just have to ask leading questions, such as her occupation or her favorite movie, and the girl will build a conversation herself. It is worth giving the girl a few compliments, praising her appearance or her occupation. When answering questions about yourself, be truthful and as relevant as possible. You should constantly keep the conversation interesting, otherwise your darling will become bored and she will want to find herself another interlocutor.

Step four. Maintain eye contact, try to meet the girl's eyes as often as possible. Be sure to smile, the girls will just be unpleasant to sit all evening with a sullen type.

Step five. A girl, like you, can start responding to your flirting, the main thing is not to miss this. Pay attention to her smiles, body positions, if she moves closer to you, perhaps you should take her hand.

Be prepared for the fact that the first conversation is not very long and does not end with anything significant. Try to end the conversation on a positive note, ask her for a phone number and ask permission to call, if such permission is received, be sure that you have aroused the girl's sympathy in return.