Is it true that rhinoceros are fired fire?

It is believed that rhinos have one interesting feature: if they see the fire (for example, a divorced fire), then immediately run to him and begin to dry the flame. Sometimes rhinos are called even "firefighters of savanna" or simply "firefighters". Is rhinoorous really possess such an increased plank of social responsibility, which is considered to be detected by any bonfire, until he crushed and caused damage to the environment?

Relief stories have made the greatest contribution to the spread of rumors about travelers, who were arranged for the night in the middle of Savanna, where rhinos are inhabited. The fact is that in the natural habitat among the rhino does not have enemies. Even adult lions are unlikely to coofer with a multi-torrent "machine" capable of accelerating to a speed of 45 km / h. But at the same time, the rhinoceros - Savannan's thunderstorm - is very afraid of people and tries to stay away from them. We add to this that the rhilities are particularly active at night, but at the same time they have not very good eyesight. The shine of a fire, which is clearly visible in the dark, attracts a curious animal, which strives runs to him. But as soon as the rhino it turns out to be around the fire and understands that people are around, panic begins in the animal. Rhino begins rushing in a circle, taping everything that comes across the legs, including the fire. People who are also in a panic may think that the animal is trying to specially flood the fire, although the rhinoceros does not think about it. Thus, this delusion was probably born.

In the emergence of the legend of the fiberglass of rhino and cinema is to blame. We are talking about the film "Probably, the gods are crazy, " where there is a scene of how the animal has a bonfire. Film fell by the Western Viewer, who made many interesting moments from it. One of them became a scene with a rhino.

This is interesting: Movies are not first changed from the viewers an idea of ​​reality. For example, after the release of the film "Hussar Ballad", many began to think that the famous commander Mikhail Kutuzov wore a dressing eye, although in reality it was not. Read more here.