Stockholm telephone tower connecting 5500 lines

At the end of the 19th century, telephone communication began to penetrately penetrate into the daily life of a person. More and more residents could afford to use the telephone - a real miracle and the embodiment of scientific progress, presented the opportunity to transfer a voice at a distance.

Telephone companies were forced to build huge communication centers connecting all telephone lines in the cities so that each owner of the phone could reach the other.

One of the most progressive cities in this regard became Stockholm, where the largest telephone tower in Europe was built, which brought 5, 500 telephone lines among themselves.

The gigantic structure was noticeable from any part of the city, and the bunches of the black wires spilled the appearance of the streets. However, soon the engineers realized that the wires could be successfully laid underground - in this way, telephone companies began to operate in other countries.

In Stockholm, the old telephone tower stood for a few more than a few years, before it did not completely get rid of the wires, and then it was not demolished at all in 1953 after a major fire.