First Car Henry Ford

At the end of the 19th century, Henry Ford, who worked as an ordinary mechanical engineer in the Electric company Edison, was looking for ways to attract investors to open their own company.

As often happens among representatives of the American business, the future entrepreneur began his business in the garage-workshop. In his free time, it constructed his first "car" called Ford Quadricycle, gasoline operating. 4 cycling tires were used as wheels, the motor had a capacity of 4 horsepower and was able to overclock the car up to 32 km / h. The fuel tank of 11 liters was located under the only seat.

The first test passage took place on June 4, 1896, but not all went as planned. Henry Ford did not calculate the width of the garage gate, and Ford Quadricycle was simply not able to go out into the street. I had to take tools in the hands and to break part of the wall.

At that time it was believed that the future of the automotive industry for electric motors - most of the cars worked precisely on electricity. The gasoline cars only recently entered the mass production, so Henry Ford risked strongly, submitting a car with an internal combustion engine.

And yet, after the numerous presentations of his brainchild, he enlisted the support of three investors who trusted Ford $ 28, 000 - small money even at that time.

After 6 years, Henry Ford founded his company, and in 1908 the mass assembly of the Ford Model T car began, which turned the entire automotive industry in the world and brought Ford fame and popularity.