Tokstatl - Holiday Sacrifice from Aztecs

In Aztec culture, the subordination of people was fully recognized by the will of the gods, which constantly required human blood to maintain life. Without a new blood, the gods will die, and along with them the whole world will die. Based on these beliefs in the State of Aztec, a real blood cult was born, around which numerous traditions of sacrifice increased.

The attitude towards the sacrifice at the Aztecs was rather specific: the doomed knew that he fell to him the most honorable way to die of all possible, after which he could appear before God sacrificed his blood, so sentenced without fear was going to death. Sometimes there were volunteers from their own people for sacrifices, but even for a large empire of Aztecs, it was too wasteful every time to collect a bloody harvest among their citizens, therefore prisoners were used most often for these ceremonies. It is for their capture, by the way, Aztecs and arranged a large number of their wars. Due to the spread of the chole of the blood among many nations of South America, the prisoners, well-aware of their fate, did not try to escape and raised the sacrificial altar, and otherwise the Escape from captivity would be evaluated even by their own tribesmen as a shame. And if in this case, in relation to the captive, the word "luck" could be used, then once a year one of them pulled out the "happy ticket". It happened during the holiday Tokstatl.

This is interesting: By the end of the 15th century, the Indian cities began to visit European missionaries who studied the culture of the peoples of the new world. The Europeans who were terrified by the Dicar traditions, Europeans carefully recorded all cultural customs of unknown people before this time, thanks to which many unique information about the pre-Columbian culture of American peoples reached, recorded by eyewitness, including sacrifice ceremonies.

Aztec Tokstatl Holiday was celebrated every spring. On this day, the priests were chosen among the prisoners of the most beautiful young man and ... no, they did not kill him, but they made a living embodiment of the god of Testlip. The young man was supposed to be slim, sports and hardy. If we speak modern tongue, we have a model appearance. After the proclamation of his deity, the elected dressed up in the most expensive clothes, they gave the best food and delicacies, taught manners and play on flute. Also, the guards were assigned to him who were supposed to be responsible for the safety of the young man with their heads.

Over the next months, the young man went through the streets of the cities, played on Flute and dance. Passersby provided him signs of attention, passed their desires and even prayed, falling in front of him on his knees. The priests were closely watched, so that the Favorites had a luxurious life, and he did not refuse himself anything, but at the same time the embodiment of the Teskatlipota god did not have to lose his physical shape and repel the tummy. After 11 months and 10 days after the holiday, the tokstatl of the young man was given 4 girls from the noble families with whom he could do everything he wanted within 20 days - until the next holiday.

A year later, on the day of the new holiday, the elected left his dwelling and went through the filled streets of the city to one of the sacrificial pyramids. With a smile on the face, playing on the flute, the young man went down on the altar, after which one of the priests took the knife, revealed him to his chest and handed his heart with his hand, who had shown the people. Then the elected cut off his head, and the body was dumped down to the standing crowd. And nearby has already stood a new rank of prisoners, among which there was a new earth embodiment of Testliplip.