Ancient drawings told about the fellow comet

On archaeological excavations, a memorial stone was discovered in the Temple Temple Complex with ancient patterns and letters carved on it.

Initially, scientists assumed that the pictures on the stone are some animals from the mythology of the people living here. But a more detailed computer study showed that the symbols on the stone show the starry sky, characteristic of these latitudes of 11 millennia, and the fall of a huge celestial body to the ground. And one of the drawings depicting a person without a head must have personifies all the same grievances and deprivation faced by humanity after the cataclysm.

The information obtained coincides with the opinion of scientists that approximately 13, 000 years ago part of the comet fell to the ground, causing the onset of a small glacial period. This climate cooling, in turn, has played a crucial role in the development of mankind, forcing the tribes to play with settled places and look for new areas for living. According to modern estimates, the climate cooling lasted about a thousand years.

In addition, archaeological data is confirmed by the theory of astronomers that in those days the solar system crossed the comet orbits, therefore the collision of the Earth with larger celestial bodies occurred more often than these days.

This is interesting: Temple Complex Hebekley-Tepe, in which the discovery was made, is a unique archaeological monument. The first temples were built here about 12, 000 years ago, so today GEBECLY-TEP is considered to be ancient to us with a cult structure. Probably, the temples functioning here are intended to commit rituals, the treatment of people and monitor the stars. The temple complex is in itself a lot of puzzles: today only 5% of the territory occupied by him.