The farmer thought he found kittens in his barn, but it turned out that it was ... Manuly

A farmer living in the Trans-Baikal Territory, found four small kittens in the barn, is incomprehensible as they turned out. After the cat did not appear, the farmer decided to take the kittens in the house - after all, they were destined to die without care.

The cats residing in the house took on the care of four kittens.

But after a couple of days, the farmer began to notice that the beasts are not at all like kittens of a homemade cat - unusually thick and hard wool and a peculiar color gave affiliation to the wild rocks of cats. Animals were decided to show specialists from the Dauro State Natural Reserve. Those seeing unusual pets, immediately came to the conclusion - these are small manules.

The kittens were decided to pick up in the reserve and to give up to the upbringing two wild cats. After a few months, the reserve workers, making sure that the grown manulas learned to independently extract their food, let them go back to the wild.