The first "energy" included radioactive substances!

Feel what are tired? Do not drink the jar of "energy" to reach up to the evening? The modern energy drink contains tonic substances that stimulate the work of the body and the nervous system. It is believed that the "energy" is the product of the last decades, but in fact, from the date of their appearance, it has passed more than 100 years. True, then their name - energy drinks - there was much more common with reality: after all, in their composition it was really a real energy! We are talking about the chemical element radium, which was generously added to the novelty.

At the beginning of the 20th century, humanity rapidly studied at the age of an atom. Numerous substances, only recently open by scientists, began to be used in the production and industry, being not fully studied. That is what happened with a radium - silver-white radioactive metal, open Pierre and Maria Curi in 1910. The advanced scientific community at the beginning of the study of radioactivity did not believed that this phenomenon is dangerous for living organisms. In particular, the public mistakenly attributed to radioactive elements many wonderful properties. The radia was assigned the role of an indispensable substance to increase activity, giving the body of fresh strength and increase potency. How was it possible not to add such a stunning chemical element to food? Soon on the US shop shelves, a novelty appeared - the energy drink called the radio (Radithor), which included drinking water with the addition of radium and another small-toxic radioactive element of the thorium.

Advertising a new product read that in addition to increasing activity, the radio will also help the strong half of humanity to solve their male problems. The most famous and active supporter of the promotion of the radio.a in the mass itself was the manufacturer of the drink - an associate entrepreneur and a golf course Eben Baers. He showed how it is useful to drink an energy drink with a radium using several servings per day.

In those years, no one else knew about the extraordinary toxicity of radium. About 80% of the element that fell into the body settles and accumulates in the bone tissue of a person, making limbs more brittle and causing the appearance of malignant tumors.

Ultimately, the passion for the radio.Es did not pass without a trace for Ebena Baers: after three years of daily use of a radioactive drink, he began to experience terrible joint pains and stopped using a radio. But it was too late: in 1932, Eben Baers died to the painful death, and the citizens who have aware of the danger of radios concluded his body into lead sarcophagus before buried.

But while Eben Bayers drank the day after day, the radio continued to stay on store shelves, representing the danger to others. However, the sale of radioactive water did not cause any mass poisoning and deaths. The case was, as usual, in the money. One portion of the radio in 1920 was worth $ 1, which is equivalent to $ 16 dollars today - quite a lot for the small dose of tasteless water, albeit with a well-advertised, but dubious effect. Some people tried the radio for curiosity, but the content in it of the radioactive element was not so high enough so that one portion could cause any problems. Yes, and the desired effect of radioactive "power engineer" did not bring, so there was no sense to buy it again.

When scientists realized the danger of radiation, all radioactive energy drinks were urgently removed from sale, and another scary page in history was turned over. But who knows, is it now in our product stores, which in 100 years will be considered deadly?

Illustration: Depositphotos | Kloromanam