4 Incredible armies who tried victory

The victory in the war always depended not only from economies, technologies and tactics of two rival states, but also from the personnel of their armies. The story knows a lot of examples of the Terrible armies that are terrified on their enemies. Some of them are truly surprised.

Holy Lazar Order

It would seem that the soldiers with banners in the form of a Holy Cross of Green Cross, which seemed to be special in the army consisting of a brilliant iron armor. But it was worth it to come closer to these soldiers, as the most brave opponents began to flee. After all, in the army of the Order of the Holy Lazarus they took only those who were sick of Lepray (these days this disease is called "leprosy").

Initially, the Order of the Holy Lazarus performed exclusively peaceful functions - she caught the shelters and cared for those who were sick.

It's interesting: The word "Lazare" happened from the name of the Order of the Holy Lazarus.

But during the times of crusades, enterprising chapters of the Order quickly realized that patients, but still the full forces of men sitting in isolation in the walls of the shelter-leprosoriev, can be used in hikes to the holy land. A poorly developed medieval medicine did not leave the chances of recovery to recovery, so Knights-Lazarites went into battle with the fierce of suicide bonuses. But most often they did not even have to enter into battle with the enemy - the Sarazinsky squads, learning about the approach of lepers, they flew themselves. To strengthen the effect of intimidation, all knights went into battle without helmets.

The rolling raised throughout the Mediterranean provided the Order for the constant replenishment in a lively force, making Lazarites known throughout Europe. After losing the crusaders of the last fortress in the Holy Earth, the Order folded off all military authority and again took care of the sick. Founded in 1098, the Order of the Saint Lazarus continues to work today.

Giant Army

This European army brought the horror on the enemy not only by its learning and exemplary possession of weapons, but also with its growth and muscular strength. We are talking about the Prussian army of the King Friedrich Wilhelm first.

King Prussia, heading the country, immediately conducted military reform. In addition to the fact that the army of Prussia received the newest weapons for that time and has passed a thorough tactical training with the best military instructors of Europe, it has been formed whole detachments of soldiers-giants.

Each soldier in such a squad has significantly exceeded the growth of the average person. Friedrich Wilhelm first sent people throughout the country to find men-giants to recruit them into the army. The king did not accept failure.

The absurd ideas of Friedrich seemed to initially began to bring their fruits - the Army of Prussia became a formidable force, coming out the winner in the next seven-year-old war. Specialists who study the military affair came to the conclusion that the increasing Prussian soldiers treated the heavy and uncomfortable muskets of the time that gave them an advantage in shooting.

African Women's Army

We move to Africa, and to be accurate - to the Kingdom of Dagomey. In this distant African country, there was a division of the army, the entirely gained from women. Initially, Dagomey's kings created a female battalion as a personal guard, and the representatives of beautiful sex practically did not participate in battles. But then, as the state is militating, a small detachment of personal security has grown to the building of 6, 000 people.

Women became soldiers or voluntarily, or they gave them to the army of husbands and fathers, thus taking support to the king. However, until 1890, "Dagomei Amazons" performed mainly the functions of punitive detachments, passing through the captured settlements after the main army. In 1890, French troops invaded in Dagome, and then "Mina" squads, as the Africans called women themselves, had to join the real battles. At the same time, in the first skirmishes, the French troops suffered a crushing defeat from fearless and rapid "Dagomee Amazons". It is not clear whether the unwillingness of the French soldiers raised to shoot in women, or "Mina" really were so artificial warriors, but the French defeats continued for a few more months in a row. In the end, a reinforcement armed with the latest artillery systems and machine guns, with the help of which in the general battle, they easily broke the technically outdated army of Africans in the general battle.

The participation of "Mina" in the war of Dagomey with France continued until 1894, while the female building was completely broken and disbanded. As reported, the last of the survivors "Mina" died in 1979.

Naked Army Celts

Warriors of many Celtic tribes had the custom to go into battle completely naked, covering their body with intricate drawings. Brave barbarians believed that nothing would protect them from swords and arrows better than the spirits of the ancestors that accompany them in battles.

Instead of studying tactics, strategies and forging of armor, Celtic warriors in daytime passed endurance and dexterity. Warriors-animals used special respect for Celts - famous bersers who do not know pain and fought with the enemy to the last drop of blood. The rare enemy did not fall in horror at the sight of a fierce berserka, publishing a battle cry.