Is it true that in ancient Rome always indulged and arranged orgies? (18+)

Which of us did not hear about the inhabitants of the Roman Empire, constantly arranging organizations in the mansions of Orgia, swimming in wealth and having fun with the fact that they scored their slaves to death? Is the most powerful state of antiquity turned into a ball of debauchery and adultery, or truth deliberately distorted?

If you hoped to see in this article the colorful descriptions of ancient orgy, then we hurry to disappoint you. Just because they were not. None of the antique source does not have a word about any dimension from the Romans. But, judging by the stories about their promiscuity, they should have been! But no, in the records, the Romans appear to us abstained and modest. For example, it is known that during sex session, it was considered obscene completely removed from my clothes. And among the laws of the empire, there was such that forbidden to make love in the bright time of the day (applied to everyone, except for the newlyweds).

As for the love of luxury and beating slaves, of course, as in all other peoples, there were people among the Romans who were the power, as they say, "demolished the roof." But, first of all, they began to appear only in the late times of the Roman Empire, when riches from all over the Mediterranean were flown into the eternal city. Secondly, could Romans conquer half of the world, being so spoiled?

The first records about wild orgies and debauchery of the spoiled Latinians belong to the beginning of the dark centuries, when the Roman Empire collapsed due to the internal contradictions and the invasion of the barbaric Horde. Here it is necessary to look for those who favored the Roman system favorably before descendants. These people were the early Christians who did everything to present Roman culture in a disadvantageous light in front of their followers. And, as you know, spicy topics always cause the public to be stronger interest.

Well, of course, modern directors and writers to improve interest in their works satuned by all sorts of erotic details of ancient life, thanks to which our idea of ​​the Roman era was distorted.

Photo: Frame from the series "Spartak: Blood and Sand"